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FMA Manga Vol. 4 info..

A tad late, yeah. But I finally found the "limited edition" sets of the fourth book that includes either an Ed figure or an Al figure. Anyone who's out there searching for them, don't bother unless you're up for repainted figures you can buy seperately for a cheaper price.

If you have those figures, or can obtain them, don't bother looking for the boxed sets of four. The Ed figure included is simply the Ed that's pictured in this post, except his hair was repainted to a lighter shade of yellow, which he could sorta attempt to pass off as being a Super Saiyan. >_>

Al in the box is the same figure as pictured above, except his loincloth is painted to a light, violet color. His entire body also appears to be darker. Neither appear to have stands, either, which would make it difficult to stand the figures up.

So why avoid them? The boxes cost $19.99. An extra $10 for a figurine. You can get them seperately at Hot Topic, better looking and come with stands for only $6.

Sorry if this is old news. >_> Felt I had to point this out since I found the boxes today and was utterly annoyed at how my searching was for oddly repainted figures I already had and how hardly any site had pics of the actual figures and only showed the box display.
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