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I can't write good fluff to save my life, so I thought I'd try my first serious FMA fic. Later will come my first angst fic...

So, up until I came across a FMA fic writing challenge I was never inspired to write FMA fanfiction. On a similar note, up until I discovered the Mary Sue Litmus test (by hime1999?), I was never inspired to incorporate my own OC into the story. (In fact, I still consider it to be rather... blasphemous. no insult intended to those of you who write good OCs into the story.)

Deciding that I wanted to give myself a horrible challenge, I used the test to craft an Original Character. However, I did not avoid points that the test makes, I purposely used "Mary Sue-esque" qualities in my character, just to see what I could come up with. Amazingly my characters did not get as high as I had figured they would, but there are some things that I can't imagine ever doing. There are two points that I found outside of the Litmus test, I'm not sure where I got them, but one concerned if the character had a sibling - so I made siblings, and I forget what the other one was...

Why the hell am I posting this here?
Frankly, because I need help.

...below the cut for length.

One of the questions asks whether or not the character has an automail arm. I misread this question the first time around and gave the character an automail leg, and I'm not sure if the point is for automail, in general. Either way, it's staying a leg if anything.
[Side note: Although the character in question is an alchemist this has nothing to do with human transmutations or the laws of equivalent exchange. For the most part her alchemy consists of the type of early stage alchemy present in Mother, when Ed and Al are children. My intention wasn't to make her know a lot about the subject.]
So my question would be - does this still earn a point?
Secondly, as part of this question it asks if Winry grafted the automail. I hadn't intended for her to be the creator of the automail but since the character lives in Risembool (which is such a small town) it didn't seem to make much sense that she'd go to another town for it...
-Also, in regards to scoring would it be one point for the automail and an additional two points if Winry created it, with a total of three; or is it two total points? (This refers to scoring for all of the questions.)
[I have so far given her two points for this question.]
In the section about the past it asks if they are at all related to canon characters, does this mean are they relatives to the canon characters or does it cover knowing them in the past as friends or neighbors, also?
For the background story I worked in a lot of different aspects that make the most sense as far as how the character got to the point they're at. Any similarities are unintentional but I'm sure they more than likely earn a point here.
- They live alone with their father.
- The younger sister dies of an illness.
- Yes, the father brings her back as a chimera. (Not a human transmutation.)
- Much later the father dies or leaves or something. I don't know I haven't written that part, yet.
Frankly, I just wanted an excuse to make one of the characters a chimera, and that seemed the best way to go about it.
I don't see this as resembling the Elrics so much as the Tuckers, but I want to make sure everything's covered. There's no father complex about him leaving or anything, and they're not particularly obsessed with their mother...In fact, I don't think she's mentioned much.
As far as canon characters showing them too much attention, I would assume a point is earned here for the fact that they're friends with Ed, Al and Winry? The story hasn't really been written yet, so how much attention they get from canon characters is still in the air. I don't intend to write any romance in this fic (and definitely none between an OC and Canon character) but I'm not sure where it's headed.
As far as being happy and having a dark past to occasionally angst over?
The older sister isn't particularly happy, but she doesn't angst much, and the younger sister doesn't remember half of the bad stuff because her "father" didn't give her those memories when he created her.

So far both characters have collected seven points each, for the questions that I know the definite answers for. Some things have still been left undetermined, mostly the stuff mentioned above.
Any help would be appreciated. No flames please.
This started out as a joke, and has become a challenge to myself to write a decent story and give these characters some Mary Sue qualities, without them actually being Mary Sues. Yes, most of the traits [the automail on the older sister, who is an alchemist. One has nothing to do with the other, trust me. And the younger sister being a chimera - are the biggest ones.] they have were intentional for Mary Sue points - don't ask me why I'm doing this, I think I've lost my mind.

[Edit: the death of the girl was before the death of Trisha (though it looks like after the death of Winry's parents) but the creation of the chimera wasn't until much later on. The father will have claimed to have succeeded at human transmutation to his daughters.
Also, as much as it seems that the military may take note of such an event, the truth about the Elrics is actually unknown throughout most of the military. (At least, until they meet them and eventually find out that Al is hollow and all that jazz.) Roy did not arrive because of the human transmutation but in regards to their letter, and in all honesty he came to check on Winry for possible spoiler reasons Thanks for the suggestions, and yes some of it did help.]
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