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Ohayocon Report!

So, did anyone else here go to Ohayocon? I went yesterday, and believe me, it was AWESOME. But what does this have to do with FullMetal Alchemist, you say? Well, at 8:00 PM, the dub of episodes 41-44 were shown in one of the panels. I was lucky enough to get in, so I thought it'd be cool if I shared what I learned with all of ya.

Mike McFarland (who voices Havoc), Chris Sabat (Armstrong), Laura Bailey (Lust), Monica Rial (Lyra), and Tiffany Grant (Martel/Marta) were the guests there. They were nice. They sat at this table in the middle of the room, and two screens that showed the episodes were on each side.

I have to say, it was fun to see the reaction that the group of FMA fans in the room had. Almost everyone in the room cheered when Scar stabbed Kimblee in episode 41, for example. I oddly found that funny, but maybe that's because I never was too fond of Kimblee myself.

Before they showed us episode 42, Mike announced that [adult swim] would finally be showing Rewrite as the opening theme for FMA after episode 41. Everyone cheered again, and then they showed us the Rewrite opening. I'm quite happy about it as well, since Rewrite is my favorite opening out of all of FMA's openings.

The crowd cheered again when Hohenheim finally appeared in episode 43. Hohenheim is voiced by Scott McNeil, who was also a guest at Ohayocon. (I swear, I shall never look at Kouga from Inuyasha the same way again... Ooo, and do you guys remember that picture of Vic kissing Scott on the cheek? Elricest!) After the showing, they were going to have a big roast for him. It's too bad we didn't stay long enough for it, though. (Then again, if we DID stay that long, we wouldn't be able to see it, since the event was rated NC-17. What the crap? What could they possibly have done to make it be rated that?)

After all four episodes were shown, the voice actors/actresses had a Q & A. Someone had asked Chris to do his Armstrong voice, which he did, and then someone else asked him if he had those pink sparkles. He did his voice again, and Laura and Monica were waving their hands around his back. XD Someone else also asked him to take his shirt off, but he didn't do that. (If anyone was in there, and heard someone say, "Do it! Do it!", that was me.) Someone had asked Mike if FUNimation has gotten the movie yet, and no, they haven't. (So you guys can still download the movie!) Someone else asked him if they also got the new OVA, and he replied that he haven't heard of it until they asked.

I also got to ask Mike if they had finished recording the series. (My new nickname: "You in the back.") Apparently they had finished recording it in August.

All in all, the showing was great fun. I felt very uncomfortable with my mom watching it with us, though. o.o;;;

I also took a few pictures of some FMA cosplayers! I saw a few Eds, one Al, quite a few people in military outfits, two Envys, a Lust, one Bradley, and a Barry the Chopper. I only got pictures of one of the Envys, Bradley, and Barry, though. When I get the pictures developed, I'll be sure to scan them! (I think I saw pictures of one of the Eds and the Envy I took a picture of around here...)

Oh, and you can read more about my experience at Ohayocon on my latest post in my journal... When I finish typing it, at least. o.o;;

Edit: Forgot to Spell Check...

Edit 2: Ag, and that was 41, not 42! >< I also got those cosplay pictures back. Should I put them on another post, or this one?
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