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I'm new here and I hope you won't kill me..........

I just found out yesterday, that there is a radio show for FMA... I got totally exited, and searched all night long, but could only find a few shows (out of 100, am I right??).....
I know, its not that nice to make my first post a request, but I'm already addicted to that radio show.... so if maybe someone could upload just a few shows for me!? *___*
the ones I have are: 1-9, 36, 38-39, 49-51, 61, 63, 65............ T_T ..... I could upload them too, if someone is interested......... !!! (other radio shows I could trade are only Radio Seed, Radio Seed Destiny and a few from Rajipuri)
[I also am interested in the DJCDs, but they aren't that important......]
I would be so glad if someone would answer!! *sigh*

bye Kida

PS: please don't kill me!!! *hides*
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