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A fanfic of a fanfic, wh33!

Some of you may remember that wonderful fanfic yuukihikari is writing, and the smuttily awesome side fic for it.  If not, here's a link to the side fic to refresh your memories. 

The Unbirthday Party

An evil, evil little plot bunny hopped into my path, and I had to write this, even if it wasn't shared.  It needed out of my head.  But, before I decided to post it, I got her permission first.  THANK YOU, YUUKI!  :D  This is a fanfic of a fanfic, you could say.  XD

Title: The Real Talk                  

Author: Umi Mikazuki

Beta: GaluxKitty and Xero1122

Rating: PG-13, I guess

Summary: Ed and Winry really talk about what happened.

            Things had tentatively gone back to normal in the household; there was a tense atmosphere in the air whenever Ed and Winry were in the same room.  Ed knew that the talk they had had the morning after the…incident… was not enough, but he wasn’t quite ready to face it.  In a cowardly fashion, he was waiting for Winry to initiate it, like she had the first talk. 


            And initiate, she did. 


            He had just crawled into bed, quite ready to go to sleep.  A quiet knock caused him to look toward the door, scowling.  Ed thought it was his father, and he had to bite back an irate comment when he saw that it was actually Winry.  “Is something wrong?” he sat up.


            Winry smiled hesitantly, “We never really talked about when we…the party.  It’s been eating at me for a few days now.”  Ed looked anywhere but at her, finally settling on his mismatched hands.  She walked over to the bed and sat down next to him, “You already know my feelings, I stupidly blurted them out when I was hung over.  But, I don’t know yours.”


            “You mean to ask, was it only because of the alcohol, or because I really do care about you?”


            She nodded, hugging her knees to her chest, “Perceptive as ever.” 


            “I’ve been thinking about it since…since the party.”  Ed sighed and held his head with his flesh hand, “I was so concentrated, so focused on getting Al’s body back, I didn’t even think about having a love life.”  He smiled wistfully, “Kind of odd for a teenage boy, huh?”


            “You’ve never been what anyone would call normal.” Winry said quietly.  He laughed dryly. 


            “I always mentally beat myself up whenever I felt any amount of happiness.  Mostly whenever we came to visit you and Auntie Pinako.  Why should I, when Al suffers in that metal shell?”  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her bite her lip. 


            “Then, I was forced to come to this miserable world.  All my concentration went to finding a way back.  I didn’t even know if Al had been restored.  I felt so lost and alone, and so frustrated, with only my father for company.”  At this, he snorted.  “Bastard old man.”


            Winry frowned, “He cares about you.  He’s been trying to help you get back all this time.”


            “Yeah, I know.  Don’t tell him I said that.” he grimaced.  She smiled, holding back a small giggle. 

Ed was silent for a moment, trying to figure out how to phrase his next words, “When you arrived here, I didn’t feel as lost and alone.  A piece of my old life had returned.  I know my father noticed a change in me, because every once in a while, I saw him giving me odd, knowing looks.  I never could figure out what the looks were for, until just recently.” 


Winry shifted slightly, moving so she could lean back on the headrest, “He gave me odd looks, too.  I’ve been trying to figure it out, they’re kind of creepy.”


“I’ve always known, subconsciously, at least.  I think I was too busy focusing on my goals to even acknowledge it was there.”


“Known what?”


Ed looked at her with a slight blush, “It wasn’t just because of the alcohol.”


Her eyes widened in shock, “You mean…it wasn’t…”  Suddenly, she hugged him from behind.  “You have no idea how much better this makes me feel,” she whispered.  Smiling, he held onto her hands. 


Winry let him go and moved over so she was facing him, “There’s no reason for me to be this nervous, considering how many steps we skipped, but…”


“But what?” he looked at her apprehensively.  He was caught by surprise when she kissed him. 


It was nothing like that night had been.  It was simple and meaningful, nothing more. 


“Can I stay here with you tonight?” she murmured.


He pulled back, blushing, “What?!”


            Winry’s face was red, “Not like that!  Just…to sleep.”


            “Uh…sure, I guess.” 


            Smiling shyly, she snuggled in next to him.  He wrapped his arm around her waist, “Comfortable?”


            “Of course.” She grinned.  “If you kick me in your sleep, you’ll be in deep trouble, Edward.”



I'm not sure if I got Ed quite right.  ^__^;

Hope you all enjoy it!  And criticism is very welcome.  :D



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