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Probably just a matter of opinion...

Okay, so we're trying to come up with a full list of all of the characters in Fullmetal Alchemist. Working with who we've seen so far, considering we haven't seen the entire series, we don't have a very impressive list.

Our objective is to get a list of all FMA characters, marking the repeat appearances.

I apologize in advance if this is considered pointless and stupid to anyone.

We understand that Rose comes back to the show despite being in the first two episodes. My question is, in those first two episodes is she counted as a repeat character - or is that considered a one time thing, because the two episodes are like one two part section of the show?
Another example would be Russel and Fletcher. Present for the two "Other Brothers Elric" episodes - does that count as a one time showing or two?

This may be a matter of opinion, or someone may know as far as casting goes what it's considered.
We were just thinking, on the one hand it's two episodes so it's a repeat appearance, but on the other hand it's done as one segment because it's a continuance.

I suppose the shortest way of putting it is:
Do the characters have to leave and come back in order for it to be counted as a second appearance, or does it count if they're featured in more than one episode? (even if the episodes are one story.)

I'm sure none of that made sense....

note: comments may contain spoilers.
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