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[Meme] FmA fandom friending meme

Someone on my friends list today linked this meme, from the Doctor Who fandom, and I couldn't help but think that it was a very good idea. Since this fandom's been getting bigger and bigger (and I've heard more than one newbie fret about how hard it can be to make friends) I thought it'd be worth doing. It's always nice to meet new people, after all - and this fandom doesn't need to be only known for its flamewars, not when there's so many fun and interesting people hanging around!

FmA Fandom Friending Frenzy aka: i know how to alliterate, and I use this sinister power with extreme force!

The rules are simple: post here and tell us a bit about yourself. Use this template if you wish (it's not obligatory, if you feel more of an introduction is necessary):

What name you go by:
What your LJ is like:
Favourite characters:
Favourite 'ships:
Your all-time favourite episode/chapter of FmA:
A random fact about you:

Wish you luck! And don't forget to plug it in your own journal if you take part, to invite more people to join in - cliche as the expression is, the more the merrier. :D

Wishing y'all the best,


Edit: Since this apparently wasn't clear the first time: this meme is not a place to bitch about pairings you hate, and *particularly* not the people who 'ship them. I've already deleted one person's comment for this reason; anyone else will be banned for a week. If you don't like a pairing, it's fine to say so, for instance: 'favourite ship: character a/character b, but I don't like character a/character c' - but not, as was said, 'and character/character is so wrong I want to STAB whoever pairs them and have Roy burn their perverse minds to goo!'

There is no negotiating this. This is a meme for people of all types to participate in. I don't care what you don't like, be it elricest or ed/winry, but if I catch you flaming it I will use my IRON BOOT OF RIGHTEOUS MODLY WRATH with extreme prejudice, yo.
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