Jules (wasabifu) wrote in fm_alchemist,

My first contribution to the FMA fandom! Yay!

Okie, so I have played with Photoshop in quite some time so it's a bit fuzzy around the edges. But here is one happy photo collage of Ed and pals I made last night. It's supposed to be 800 x 600, but I have it stretched across my monitor (1024 x 768) and it doesn't look that bad.
Also, tons of credit to various people as I found the pics here in the various FMA LJ's. Check out my info page for credits on the textures, brushes used, etc. Also, If I used a pic without crediting you, please lemme know so I can fix that! Arigato!

Since I don't have a thumbnail of it, here's a link!
Click~y here!
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