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Fic Dump: Indiana!Ed, Dreams...

The first one's probably been about six months in the making, but I've finally got the thing rolling and hopefully won't stop now! The second one's just a little afternoon fuzzy. Enjoy!

Title: The Brothers Elric and the Ishvar Crusade (Part 1/?)
Author: kaitou_marina
Beta: minako134 and chiba_yuriko
Rating: G
Genre: Fullmetal Alchemist fusion with Indiana Jones, AU, gen (for the most part), adventure
Pairing: None (though subtext may be used at will, but only light-heartedly XD)
Spoilers: None (it's an AU)
Notes: Dedicated to hime1999 as a part of her birthday present XD Fullmetal Alchemist stuck in a blender with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and set to frappe. Follows (very loosely) the chapters stops of the Last Crusade DVD. Liberal fucking with both anime and manga concepts and Indiana Jones to get everything to fit nicely. Familiarity with Indiana Jones is not needed to enjoy the fic, however, it does add a certain level of amusement. Um, not sure what else to say. XD THE FIRST CHAPTER IS FINALLY DONE! WHOOOOOOOO!

( East City University )

Title: Traum (Dream)
Author: kaitou_marina
Beta: None (was just sort of chucked out)
Rating: G
Genre: Drabble-ish, light romance, light m/m, sentimental
Pairing: Alfons/Ed
Spoilers: Well, it's in movie!verse, so that's kind of spoilery. Otherwise, no spoilers.
Notes: Inspired by this pic here by hime1999.

( Sleep, baby, sleep )

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