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[Fanfic] [EdxWinry]

Title: Losing Focus
Author: aiyia (Fanfiction.net = Fullmetal Ai fullmetal_ai )
Rating: G
Warning: Spoilers for Chapter 48 of the manga
Pairing: Slight EdxWin
Summary: Ever since coming back to Rush Valley from Central, Winry has been drifting often .. Tetsuo and Garfiel wonder what could have happened to cause such change.

"Sis, what's wrong?" The voice of a young boy asked curiously, his eyes blinking with curiosity as he watched the girl he called 'sis' suddenly break out of her trancelike state at the sound of his voice. The blonde girl put on a smile and looked down to the boy.

"I'm fine, Tetsuo .. don't worry about me, I was just thinking!" The girl laughed a bit, smiling and trying to reassure the young boy that was so much like a brother to her.

"Winry, Sis, you've been like this ever since you came back from Central .." Tetsuo said, a saddened tone suddenly coming to his voice. "I'm just worried. We all are." Winry looked back down to her incomplete work with a small sigh. This was so unlike her .. ever since she had come back from visiting her childhood friends, Edward and Alphonse Elric in Central, she had been drifting off, thinking of the two, and .. of Edward. She knew that she was in love with him. She knew what she was feeling. She knew that she wanted to cry ..

No, she thought. I can't cry. Otherwise, Edward's promise .. She sighed, remembering what he had said to her back at the train station, before her train left.

"NEXT TIME I MAKE YOU CRY, YOU'LL BE CRYING TEARS OF JOY!" Edward Elric shouted, apparently not caring if anyone other than the two of them heard him. "AL AND I WILL GET OUR BODIES BACK, AND YOU'LL WEEP TEARS OF HAPPINESS!" Winry was taken aback for a moment. Of all the things Edward had said to her, she had never expected him to say something like this .. she couldn't help but smile.

It was almost at the same time that the train started moving. She looked out the window once more at the two she had grown up with since infancy, seeing their backs turned to her, having already said their goodbyes.

Ahh .. his back .. She thought. She thought about Edward, all of the promises he had made, and kept .. how determined he was to become a State Alchemist, to return Al's body to normal, as well as his own, if possible .. suddenly, it hit her like a ton of bricks.

Ahh .. I see, She thought, sadly leaning against the window. I .. might have fallen for him a long time ago.

She missed him already.

Since her return to Rush Valley, she had gotten to work, completed all of the orders that she was supposed to ... but everyone could notice a change in her; she had even noticed it herself, though she had tried hard to keep everyone from knowing the truth.

"Tetsuo is right, Winry," Garfiel said as he strode into the room, taking a seat at the chair across from Winry. "You keep losing focus on the task at hand. What's so important?" Winry looked to her incomplete automail project once more, unable to say anything. She didn't know what to tell them ..

"Are you sick, sis?" Tetsuo asked.

"Are you hurt?" Garfiel guessed.

"Are you lonely?"

"Do you have a sudden case of nostalgia?"

"Are you in love?"

Azure eyes widened, and Winry looked to Tetsuo, the boy blinking in her direction rather confusedly. She suddenly stood, rushing to her room; a sign that she wanted to be alone. Tetsuo looked to Garfiel.

"Did I say something wrong?" He asked. Garfiel sighed.

"No. You guessed right."

Hope you enjoy! I rather liked it. ^^-

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