I run on coffee and impatience (melts) wrote in fm_alchemist,
I run on coffee and impatience

Um, hello :O and a need for FMA rp-ers :O

Hi all~ I'm one of the mods for sortinghat_rp, which is basically an AU, multifandom RPG, where all characters are wizards at Hogwarts. It's fairly fast-paced, cracky (hello, can you think of more cracky things than Scar as a wizard? Oh dear XD) annnnd right now, we'd really like some FMA characters/players, specifically, at the moment, a Roy Mustang (and anybody else from FMA of course, are welcome!). So um, yeah!

For more information on the RPG, click here

And here's a list of some other characters (from other series) that are also in demand! If you're curious XD

Thank you all! :DDD *bows and throws Edo plushies*

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