Aya Brea (Joyce) (ekkusu_no_aya) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Aya Brea (Joyce)

Her Reason

Episode 26 spoilers galore.

In an earlier thread, I several passing comments about how Winry was being "unreasonable" in episode 26 when she got mad at Ed about cheating in the arm wrestling match, and apparently still thought that after the end of the ep. O_o

What I got at the end of the episode wasn't that Winry just wanted to prove that automail (her automail, in particular) was the r0xx0rs. I did think that at the beginning and for most of the episode, but what I saw the the end made me realize that she simply didn't want Ed to get hurt in the search for a way to get back his body. It all finally came together at the end.

For most of the ep I thought she was just being a bitch ass "my automail rocks, I can't believe you have no faith in it, Edo no baka" but I was so touched when I realized her true reason (Check the tile of the episode) for wanting to make the best automail for Ed (in which he would put trust in and by which he would not be inconveinced) is that he would be satisfied with what he's got and would come home to Risenbol instead of putting himself in danger, getting hospitalized, etc etc.

I think I got a new appreciation for Winry after this episode, which is why the new ending didn't bother me at all.

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