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[MOD Post]

Hello everyone. I just had something I wanted to make a note of:

I have seen posts about Arakawa's other works getting slightly more frequent recently, and since it seems that Raiden-18 is going to be a multi-chaptered work, I figured it would be best to say this now:

If you would like to post about Arakawa's other works in comparison to Fullmetal Alchemist, or apply them to Fullmetal Alchemist in some way (cross-overs, etc.) they will still be allowed on this community, but only as long as your post has something to do with Fullmetal Alchemist in some way. Otherwise, please do not post about Arakawa's other works here. This is a community for Fullmetal Alchemist only, anything else is off-topic (just as Ranma 1/2 manga doesn't belong on an Inuyasha community, despite both works being drawn by Takahashi). We are only asking this because this is such a high-traffic community that we are trying to keep things trimmed down as much as possible without limiting too much what people can post. I think it's fair to ask that posts be kept applied to only the topic at hand as much as possible.

I would like to encourage someone to a create a community just for all of Arakawa's works as a whole (I'd love to have this too!), or perhaps hagaren_manga would allow it? (csakuras?) Feel free to discuss it here, and if people do decide to set up a community or whatnot, I'll edit this post directing people there.

Thank you for your understanding.

EDIT: Requests and discussion for Arakawa's other works can be directed to bos_taurus ^.^

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