The Infinite Blue (infinitesimi) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Infinite Blue

(fic) Twelve Days- Completed

Title: Twelve Days
Rated: Safe
Spoilers: End of Series unless otherwise indicated
Characters/Pairings/Settings/Genre: vary in each chapter
Summary: this is a series of one-shots loosely based on the twelve days of Christmas. each chapter is independent and is not in chronoligical order. January 5th is the twelfth day of Christmas, so happy Christmas-is-over!

( One ) Ed and Hohenheim
( Two ) Roy/Riza
( Three ) Ed, Al, and Win (pre-series, no spoilers)
( Four ) Ed and Hohenheim, Al and Winry
( Five ) Ed/Hei
( Six ) Ed, Al and Win; Roy, Maes and Gracia (set mid-series, no spoilers)
( Seven ) Al/Win
( Eight ) Roy/Riza
( Nine ) Ed and Hei, various OCs
( Ten ) Roy/Riza
( Eleven ) Al/Win
( Twelve ) Roy

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