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Warning! Tis angsty EdxWinry... And anime spoilers.


Disclaimer: I don’t own Full Metal Alchemist, Arakawa-sensei does. So shut up you cheap bastards.

Pairing: Slight EdxWinry

The cold October air bit Winry’s face as she trudged up the hill, the mangled skeleton of the Elric’s old oak tree peeking over the horizon. It was mid day, the clear sky betraying the somber mood of the girl as she trekked to the hilltop, watering can in hand.

They had started growing that summer, the summer Edward had disappeared.


When she saw the young Al at the door, tears welled up in her eyes. She hugged him tightly, laughing and sobbing, just overwhelmed at their success.

She pulled away, her eyes shining with happiness. “Where is your brother! I have to see him; does he have his body back too?”

When Al was silent, her eyes became shadowed with worry, pushing the young boy aside to look over the dirt horizon.

“Come on Ed, stop hiding! Or are you so short I can’t see you?”

The wind whistled and wailed, the scent of the late May rains saturating the air.

“It’s going to rain soon anyways Ed, stop being so stubborn and show yourself!”


She frantically looked down at Alphonse, whose eyes were now covered with his bangs as he cried silently.

“No…” Winry shot out of the door, jumping past the bottom stairs to the soggy ground.

“He’s gone Winry, he’s gone-“

“To see his mom, right? The house? I’ll just go meet him! He has to be here!”

Alphonse collapsed to his knees on the porch, his voice failing him until she was long gone.

“He’s gone, and he might not come back.”


She searched the graveyard, every square inch, before she moved on to the remains of the Elric house. She was sobbing now, as the merciless May rains mixed with her tears soaking her to the bone. When she arrived she fell to the ground, the mud smearing all over her white tank top. She ripped at the ground, got up and climbed the tree, the scrapes that covered her arms and legs going unnoticed as she desperately cried out Edward’s name. Her bright blonde hair was dipped in mud, her face caked in the sticky mud.

She let out a wail and pulled at her hair, how could this happen? Edward didn’t just go and die, he couldn’t die. Not the Full Metal Alchemist, not the bean boy she grew up with, not the man she fell in love with. Things didn’t happen like this, they weren’t supposed to!

“It was supposed to be a happy ending…” She sobbed, vainly clawing for the sky as if to defy the god that seemed to have his fun with their pain. “You weren’t supposed to die, Ed! You were supposed to come back whole, quit the army and return home! We were supposed to admit that we always loved each other and get married, and have three kids! We were supposed to grow old together and die together, so no one was left behind. So why!” She tugged at her hair, her sobs now reaching hysterics.

“WHY DO YOU ALWAYS LEAVE ME?” She screamed into the unforgiving wind.

Then she let it all out. She screamed, kicked, punched, and wailed at the sky, her heart ripping in two as the thunder split the darkened horizon.

She only stopped when her voice wouldn’t work anymore, when her body caved in on itself, and when she had no more tears to shed.

She only stared. Pleading with the rain to cry for her, for the thunder to shriek for her, and for the lightning to shake the earth in her place. And when she couldn’t stare anymore she slipped into the darkness behind her eyes, as all consciousness slipped from her grasp.

She woke up to the sun beating on her face. The rains had passed, and with the position of the sun telling her it had been about two hours. The humidity was intoxicating, but she managed to sit up, something red catching her eye. By the tree were a group of small buds, all new and bursting from the place of death with a new life. She didn’t know what type of flower they were, or when they had started growing, but the sight rekindled a new hope, a soft flutter in her heart prompting her that it was okay.


It had been about three years four months since Al had returned, and the mysterious buds had bloomed into poppies, the bright orange coloring the hilltop. They grew quickly, and soon the hill was a patch of orange which Winry took upon herself to take care of. She found she was quite the gardener, and soon she called the hill her garden. She even planted more flowers, red carnations, purple lilacs, even some red chrysanthemum’s that a merchant from Central had brought by when he came to the Rockbell’s for a prosthetic leg. Grass was growing again, and the tree was the only reminder of what had been.

Winry smiled as she watered her garden, also making her rounds to protect the tender flowers from the bitter frost that was due to arrive very soon. The chill had already wilted some, the lilacs becoming droopy.

She inhaled deeply, the frosty breeze biting her lungs.

“Edward, it’s October 3rd, do you remember? I’m sure you do. Do you like it where you are? Things are nice here, the garden is beautiful as usual. I really wish you could see it. The poppies are wonderful this season, brighter then any other year. Granny is getting old though, the doctor says she can’t work much anymore because of her shoulder problems. Granny ignores him though, she is stubborn as the day is long.” Winry closed her eyes, taking a step to her favorite spot in the garden, sitting down. “Al is with Izumi, I miss him being around. Den is getting to old to move now, he’s going blind too. I don’t want to lose Den, but he is 10 years old, he’s lead a full life. I wonder where you are, Ed. I wonder if you’re taller. Are you growing at all…” She touched her heart, a lone tear slipping down her cheek. The wind wafted the flowers comforts as the sweet smells eased the pain slightly, just enough for her to stop crying. She laughed and wiped the tears from her eyes with the hem of her sweater, before smiling up at the clear blue sky.

“I love you, Ed. Come home soon. We all miss you, me especially. Be safe, or I’ll hurt you when you come back. I’ll see you soon, hopefully. I have a big job coming in, and as you know Granny can’t do it because of her shoulders, so I’ll be busy. But I’ll hurry up so we can talk again.”

When she picked up the watering can and shuffled down the hill. She almost could hear Edward whispering goodbye as she left her sanctuary.


Authors Note: Hey, hey, hey! Flower symbolism baby! Here’s the list for all you flower-meaning-inept readers out there

Poppy- Symbol of WWI, thousands of poppies flowered in Flanders Fields. Poppies are famous for growing on old battle fields. So a neat bit of symbolism there. \/\/007…

Red Carnations- For my poor heart, used for grieving.

Purple Lilacs- First Love

Red Chrysanthemum- I love you

Tada! Nifty, nifty.

Wearer of the viking hat,

Gabby the Great

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