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Hello everyone ^^;;

I really don't know if this kind of post is allowed or not. If it isn't please tell me and I'll delete it right away! It's kind of like an advertisement, but it does have to do with FMA. Hopefully it's okay ^^

This is copied and pasted from some other places, so forgive me if there's some spots I may have forgotten to edit ^^ Again, just tell me if it's wrong to post this here and I'll delete it gladly!

Hey everyone!

It's Dani just letting you know that my commissions are open for
custom pants, shirts, shoes, pins, bookmarks and more! If you'd like
to purchase some customized clothing or merchandise, e-mail me
directly, please don't order here! My e-mail is

Please tell me what kind of custom article you want. If it be a shirt
or pants, please give the size! EX:


Name: John Doe
Size: 8
What you want on the article: Edward Elric doing such and such pose
in this specific outfit with.....etc etc etc

I absolutely accept yaoi or yuri orders, as well as regular. ^_^ Please please please try
to stay in the Fullmetal Alchemist range, since that's my current
hype and I draw best for that series. However, if you realy want
something from another series, go ahead and ask. If your order is too
big and/or difficult for me, do not be offended if I turn it down ;_;

Trust me, I hate to turn down custom jobs because it's what I love to
do and I hate seeing people get disapointed; also I need to make a
living! : [ If I do reject your offer, try another one! I may just do
it! I'm currently working on a specific website for all my products
to be hosted on, so once that gets into the work I'll be sure to post
it here. For now, if you need to see sample of my work go to:


Beware of shounen-ai/shoujo-ai art, however. I happen to be a Roy/Ed shipper. ^^

The price depends on the difficulty of the project, however I have
vowed to not ranger my prices over 40 dollars. 40 dollars would mean
having the entire pair of pants or entire shirt absolutely covered in

My process: I wait to recieve an e-mail from the customer. Once I get
it, I either ask for more specifications, or I go to work on a rough
sketch. These sketches are just that: rough! They're very simple, but
they outline how your product will look, meaning where the
customization will be, how it will be positioned, etc (not how the
image will look itself. Obviously the image will come out MUCH more

So yes! If you have any orders you want to make or questions,
remember, don't order here! E-mail me directly!

Thanks alot and rock on!


Someone posted here, but deleted their comment of a very good point. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the actual merchandise just yet. I'm waiting for my new camera to come in the mail! x_X Sorry for the delay; I promise once I get my camera, or perhaps if I can borrow someone else's I'll make sure to put some sample pictures in the post! ^^

For now, the link I put up in the post is to see how my artwork looks. I'll post pictures there as well when I get them taken.

So sorry!!

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