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Yay for Fanfictions!

Here's a fic I wrote just now, enjoy!


Disclaimer: I don’t own FMA, so get a life. You sue-happy lawyers.

Pairing: EdxWinry

It was odd.

During the rainy season in Risenbool, the storms were fierce and scared her to death. The wind would topple over houses sometimes, the usually calm river flooding in deadly torrents over the banks.

It was terrifying.

But, even after all the rain, the wind, and the damage, Risenbool had one ironic aspect to the season.

No matter how terrible the storm, they had the most beautiful rainbows. Colors would spill over the sky that was now a crystal blue, not a cloud in sight. She couldn’t help but stay out those days, gaping in awe at the country landscape.

She secretly hoped, with all of her heart, that she would be Edward’s rainbow.

Because Edward was hers.


Authors Note: This just popped into my brain after reading a somewhat similar fic, which was rather bad. It got the wrong message across and not to mention horrendous spelling and grammar, but the idea itself was not half bad! So I polished it up a little. Enjoy!

Wearer of the viking hat,

Gabby the Great
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