sarah jane (esjay) wrote in fm_alchemist,
sarah jane

wear fanart

hiya! I made these Alphonse fan art shirts for Anime Next, Otakon, and Onnafest. I love when Al makes those wacky anime faces!! I have quite a few left over and was wondering if you guys were interested in buying them.

The sizes I have left are:
Youth L - Available as a light blue t-shirt with dark blue ink. They measure 17 inches across the front and fits boys or girls (for girls, it is not as snug as a baby doll style tee)
Adult S - Available as a white shirt with blue ink. (Typically I make the shirts blue on blue, but I made them white for one of the conventions)

All shirts - $18

For more details check out my site in the store section.

This is my brother modeling the shirt:

That one is Adult M

If I don't have your shirt size, I'd be happy to make it. Just send me an email with your request. It might take a bit longer for me to send out to you because I'll need to get more supplies and screen print, but the difference would only be by a few days. I do my own screen printing.

Feel free to send me an email:
Thanks for looking!! <3

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