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Fanfic Gilded Cage

Possible Spoilers for End of Series and Movie
Chapter 5
Gilded Cage
General/ Action/Adventure/with a Dash of Horror
Characters: Edward, Al, Noa, and AlterRoy/Envy?
Dr Who character: Jack Harkness, just becasue he's there....
Crossover with Dr Who but rather subtle and because I don't have an origonal bone in my body...You don't need to know anything about Who because it is very very FMA heavy. But I had this Cosmic metaphysical idea I had to write it...
Warnings: LOTS of Whumping, Mad Science and Historial Blather, sick Ed, angst, no real pairings.
Summery: Ed and Al are held hostage by a German duke and forced to find a way to make Alchemy work in the real world. Problem is Ed is dying of Leukemia.
chapter summery: Ed decides he hates his security guard....

Chapter 5
Anger Management

It took Edward three hours to finish compiling his notes for Kaiser and writing them out as a report. He never planed on keeping Kaiser fully appraised of his research, but it was early enough for Edward to give him enough information to give the German Duke a convincing idea of what direction Edward was going to take for his work. Hopefully it would be enough to keep Al from being injured.

Unfortunately, Harkeness did not give him the privacy he wanted to work in. Rather, the security guard took up stations at his door and watched wordlessly.

The man was too far to actually see what Edward was writing, yet he was close enough to see where Edward kept his notes. He came to the decision to keep his notebook on him full time: just in case Harkness planned to compare notes for Kaiser. Once finished, Edward shoved his notebook into his deep green suit jacket inside pocket, and stalked up to Harkness.

The man was a good head and a half taller than Edward. So Edward was forced to look up to address him. He waved his report’s folder up into the man’s face, just to get his attention. Lifting a brow, Harkness looked down at the rolled up parchment, puzzled. “Here.” Edward announced, annoyed Harkness was looking at him like some small annoyance peeking at his heals. “Don’t you want these to take them to your boss?” Edward waved the folders in the security guards face as if trying to emphasize a point. If Harkness was spy, he’d certainly want to get his hands on Edward’s research. “It’s my report, Damn it!”

Harkness shook his head, a smile crossing his face as he took the folder. “You really need to work on that anger management thing, Ed.”

“Anger management?” Edward blinked. “I’m perfectly capable of managing my anger.” He waved an annoyed hand and walked toward his nightstand. “Now, get that to Kaiser before he gets impatient and breaks my brother’s arm.”

Harkness shoved the folder under his arm, sympathy reflecting his sharp blue eyes. “Than again, I guess I can’t blame you for being up tight. You really care for him, don’t you?”

Edward took a glass and pitcher from the stand and poured himself some water. The question surprised him. “He’s my little brother, and we’ve been close all our lives.” He clenched his teeth, dropping his gaze to the floor. “What kind of big brother am I if I can’t protect him?”

Jack Harkness shrugged. “A human one.”

Human, Edward Elric lowed his glass onto the table and lifted his hand to his face. The rattle of his automail fingers chilled him. Over the years he had gown to identify himself with the prosthetics, it helped him to deal with the inhuman things he did as an alchemist. Tightening his hand into a fist, Edward sat heavily on the bed. “Human. I suppose. Al is far more human than I am. Yet I keep doing things that make his life difficult.” He drained his glass and lowered it to the table with a clank. Edward collapsed back against the bed. Behind him the springs squealed from his weight.

He heard the door open. “It seems to me, your brother has no problem of letting things go and trusting people. Especially his friends and family. Might be a good thing to learn, Ed. You can’t do it all, you know.”

It was the last thing Edward thought would come from Harkness. How could he expect Edward to trust, when all his life people went out of their way to betray him. The alchemist rolled on to his side and watched the older man step out the door and talk to the guard standing there. “Easy for you to say, you’re not a prisoner here.”

Looking over his shoulder, Harkness shrugged. “What can I say? I’m sorry your life sucks, make the best of it, for Al’s and Noa’s sake. And, stop being a fucking martyr.”

“What do you mean a fucking martyr?” Ed abruptly came to his feet, fists clenched.

Harkness didn’t give an answer. Finished, he closed the door, leaving Ed to himself.

He wasn’t being a martyr. He was just doing his best to take care of his younger brother. What in gods name did that bastard mean? Edward stared at the door, face twitching. Perhaps Harkness was referring to the argument Edward had with Noa earlier. Edward did disregard her words about her dream. Or perhaps it was a reference to the fact that he blamed himself for their situation. In truth, he really couldn’t blame Noa for their imprisonment. In fact, inside he knew who was really responsible for it.

He was.

He made the choice to stay in Munich. He let Noa walk into danger. He wasn’t strong enough to fight Kaiser.

It was all EDWARD’s fault.

“Hey, why the hell does he care?” He said to no one. He heaved a breath, and listened to the silence that followed. Jack Harkness was more than a guard. He seemed to focus far to much on treating Ed like a person. None of the other guards even spoke to them. So why was Jack different? What advantage did he have if he befriended the Elric brothers?

Interesting question.

There was a rattle, and a clank.

“Brother…” Alphonse threw open the double doors, and leaned in slender arms holding the doors open without entering. His face was a mixture of worry and anger. “They would not let us in…is it true, you gave the order?”

Reluctantly, Edward sat up, and lowered his feet to the floor. A wash of blackness closed in on the edges of his vision, than faded. Edward rubbed his human hand down his face to his chin. He sat motionless for a long moment, until it passed. Carefully, he came to a stand. “I needed to finish Al, it was for the best.”

“You mean it wasn’t because you didn’t want to talk with Noa or I?” Alphonse closed one door gently and pressed his back into the other long enough to let Noa walk in.

By the expression on his face, Edward knew Al wasn’t pleased He watched his brother close the door and roll up his white shirt selves. His young face was cross as he stalked over to face Edward. They were the same height, and despite the four-year age difference, Al looked driven and ready for a fight. Alphonse cracked his knuckles. “Brother, I understand you are angry at Noa, but you were extremely rude to her today. In our position, we really can’t afford to fight with each other. You owe her an apology.”

“An apology eh? So I gather she told you what we discussed?” Edward asked evenly. He saw Noa watching them a few feet away. Her wide eyes moist and her cheeks were streak with black makeup. She must have only stopped crying a little while ago.

Al shook his head. “We only discussed why she was working with Kaiser, anything else was between you and her.”

“Than you can forgive her for putting you in this position?” Edward asked, knowing the answer. Al never held a grudge for very long. He understood people more than Edward.

“Brother, Mr. Kaiser would have found and captured us, without Noa’s help.”

“You didn’t answer the question.”

Alphonse shoved his hands into the pockets of his brown trousers and kicked the floor with the tip of his foot. “There is nothing to forgive, brother. But if insist on making the situation black and white, yes, I forgive her.”

Good old Al, Edward could always rely on him to be predictable. All for the better, he didn’t have time to harp on bruised feelings.

“ Than it is over with.” Edward turned away, and fished his notes form his pocket. “I don’t want to discuss it anymore, Al. It’s a waist of time.” He turned to Noa. “I am sorry, I was wrong to get angry, Noa.” Apologizing was never easy for Edward, but he knew had had taken out his frustration on the woman unfairly. He should never let his fears drive him into avoiding a possible truth. “ But only scientific study will determine if you have precognitive and clairvoyant gifts. Since my work here is researching them, I need your help. We have to test, measure and correlate information on your powers and set up conditions that will help duplicate the results and prove they exist. I have no interest in antidotal crap.”

Noa slumped her shoulders, and looked up though sculpted ebony bangs. She was stunning, and Edward found himself moved by her poignant beauty. How could he be so hard on her? She never meant to harm anyone. He was a bloody fool not to be gentler to her, but he was never good with talking to others because he favored the straight-forward bull in a china shop tactics over stepping on eggshells. He fixed Noa with a stare and consciously tried to word himself so he sounded less insensitive. “Are you willing to help me?’

Noa weakly nodded her head. “If that will convince you, yes.”

A chill swept him. If he did prove Noa’s abilities were real, he was dying. Edward Elric swallowed and forced his fears away. He would have to look at the situation clinically and only consider the unthinkable when he could do something about it.

“Than perhaps we can use Noa’s abilities to find a gateway with properties similar to the gate of Alchemy.” Alphonse ventured.

Ed paused handed Al his notebook. “I have no doubt we will.” He said. “Its just were and how…”

“And what is the cost?”

“We’ll cross that path when we get to it.”

The two bothers exchanged looks. It almost felt like old times. Edward lead the woman over to the couch and seated her. He then gathered the papers scattered on the end table up and stacked them into a folder.

Alphonse opened Edward’s notebook and scanned it.
“Brother, are you still going on the theory that telepathy is using a form of metaphysical energy to produce a bioelectric wave?”

“Its my working hypothesis.” Edward studied the papers. Most of the papers were on Non-Euclidean geometry and quantum physics. Edward planned calculating how one could mathematically contact metaphysical space. Yet he needed more information. “Using Non-Euclidean maths, we can try to find a weakness in the barrier to the fourth dimension. If we can access a rift to the time and space continuum we will get ample power to perform transmutation on a subatomic level.” Edward studied the faces before him and realized Alphonse hadn’t studied enough to fully comprehend the connection between Noa and the maths. He took a breath unable to conceal his pride. “ I suspect if Noa has precognitive abilities, she is getting her visions though a connection with the fourth dimension.” Edward explained. “We need to prove it, and calculate where there is a rift or weakness in our third dimensional space.”

Alphonse’s gaze brightened as understanding crossed his young face. “Bother, that’s brilliant! And we can use Einstein’s work too!”

It was nice to see Alphonse excited over something. Edward half smiled. He couldn’t help himself; the research excited him too. To think, if he was correct, he and Alphonse would be wielding Alchemy once more and none would ever be able to control them again. He turned on his heal, and walked over to his desk. “Noa, if you don’t mind, I’d like for you to research mystical places. Most of it will be bunk of course, but if any of them strike a cord with you, let me know, it would be nice to find a power source with as little work as possible.”

The woman sighed. She leaned her elbows on her knees and pressed her face in her hands. “Very well Edward. And once we find this source, how will we activate it?”

“Electromagnetics using Lodges and Tesla’s research.” Edward explained. “Though I need to know more about it. Any thoughts Al?”

Alphonse held the notebook in one hand and scanned a page. He tapped it with a triumphant grin. “Radio waves might be useful, but I don’t think it is on par with metaphysical energies. The Earth emits electromagnetic energy and living beings are thought to have electric fields. So, it might affect the properties of the soul as well as Flammeron’s “psychic matter. Brother,”

“Humm?” Edward sat heavily in his desk chair.

“I think it’s actually possible.” Alphonse had hope in his voice. “We might even find a way home.”

Home, yes, it would be nice to go back, and Edward wanted too, but returning to Rizenbol was unlikely. Seeing his younger brother’s face light up with hope made Edward decide to say nothing on the matter. He’d let Alphonse hope. “Alright, we have our assignments, lets get to it!”

“You’re beginning to sound like Mustang.”

Mustang, if they could get home, Edward fancied, he would look forward to seeing the man’s face. Anything was better than Kaiser; at least he knew for the most part, Roy Mustang was on the side of the angels. “Edward wadded up a sheet of plain paper and tossed it at his brother’s head. It bounced off and on to the floor. “Knock it off, little brother. Get to work!”

Alphonse giggled and saluted his brother using the notebook. “Yes sir!” Clicking his heals he marched to the door. It reminded Edward of the days he spent in the State Military. It was bittersweet and for a short time, Edward felt like a kid again.
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