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Time for cosplay of a different variety...

I don't know how many of you have heard of this before, but there is a form of cosplay called Kigurumi (Wiki) cosplay. The goal is to look as much like a doll of a certain character would. People that do this are sometimes referred to as Dollers (Wiki)

I was browsing through iichan just now and someone on the Azumanga board (sorry if you're seeing this again) when someone linked to some Azumanga Kigurumi costumes. I browsed further, and found the gallery.

Main Site

Yes, the site is in Japanese, but they use Romaji/Romanized names/English liberally, so it's navigable. Though I suggest that you have your Japanese language pack installed, so it doesn't pop up covered in squares.

And the point? They have an Ed in there. *nodnod*


I've heard the style called "Creepy" before, but for me, it intrigues me. I hope I haven't scared/scarred anyone for this.

ETA: one thing that makes it creepier, is that while the characters done are usually female, the models are usually male. Crossplay to the next level.
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