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Just a bit of crack with salad...

I don't think I've x-posted any of these, but I might have a few. All are fake cuts. First two to the same post, last two to two different posts.

So, Havoc was pissed off at all the hooplah Roy was getting over his fanfiction. So he wrote this. Of course, it wasn't nearly as well recieved, but what else can we expect?

( Rivalry )

And who else but Yoki would think he could benefit from a little fanfiction writing. I tell y'all, he just wants a little bit of love. And money. And power. And by love, I think I mean power.

( A Hero's Reception )

Black Hayate felt sad that he can't write fanfiction.

So Riza got him a stamp pad.

( Untitled )

Written in the style passed down the Armstrong family for generations.

( Uniforms )
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