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03 January 2006 @ 03:10 am
(Fic) He Who Searches - Part 21  
Story: He Who Searches (He Who Searches For Himself on ff.net)
Chapter: Delirium Ghosts (Part 21)
Rating: PG
Beta: AmunRa
Spoilers: YES
Warning: Not particularly.
Previous: Chapter list for Part 1 thru Current
Genre: Gen!Fic; Plot!Fic; Post Series; Series based, not movie based (AU!Movie?);
Summary: The story continues on where episode 51 left off. Edward and Alphonse's ongoing journey to return their lives to 'normal'. The fic includes the main cast, support cast, a sprinkling of guest characters and a few extras. For series spoiler reasons, a further summary is availiable under the following fake cut.

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