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My friend told me this, and I just wanted to confirm if she was right.

While I was in my math class today, I brought up FMA and my friend, who I was talking to, announced that she saw a marathon of FMA during our winter break.

When I asked when she saw it, she stated she didn't remember the day due to working with her aunt, since it caused her to look track of time and date.

When I noted that I usually get FMA information from this comm, she stated that she SAW it with her own two eyes, but didn't remember WHEN it was on tv.

Now, according to AS's site, they only showed FMA reruns during the weekdays. Once at 1am EST and once at 4am EST.

Now I don't want to confuse anyone, I would just like to clarify if what she told me was true. That there was an FMA marathon from 11pm EST to 2am EST one day on AS. I'm pretty sure the information I got from her was false, but I need to at least check and see if she was trying to act like know-it-all and shove it in my face that she knew something I didn't.

So. Was there really an FMA marathon during the break? Cause last I checked, there were only two marathons, completely unrelated to FMA.

Once again, I don't want to make a rumor explode out of this. I need some clarification. Thank you.

EDIT: Ah HAH. I knew it. Thank you guys ^^; I knew something was weird considering fm_a usually announces when something FMA happens and I didn't hear about some marathon.

Come to think about it, she couldn't even tell me what she saw XD She gave me little tidbits that I didn't even think were IN FMA.

Thank you guys ^^;

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