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call for sites & essays

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Hey, all! Two requests:

1. I know there are several new character shrines out there, and now I can't find the posts with the links. I know there was one for Black Hayate, and I thought I bookmarked it, but noooo. Drat. If you have a character and/or general fma site, post a reply here and let me know for whom, the URL, a general description, and whether the site contains spoilers.

[I'm only up to ep25/ch16, and I want to avoid future details if possible. I've tried to make notes on the sites that have spoilers beyond what the non-Japanese audience may have seen/read, so others can avoid spoilers if they choose. Webmasters understanding this are much appreciated.]

2. Have you written (or are you thinking about writing) a character analysis for anyone, or a detailed analysis of character relationships? No, I don't just mean sexual, I mean all the relationships - Hawkeye and Roy interactions, Alphonse and Roy's staff, the brothers and Winly, Pinako and the brothers, etc, etc. I've come across several good mini-essays by writers, and thought it might be interesting to add such analyses to the Resources section of the site. So, if you've always liked a relationship between two characters and want to argue for or against, post a reply here with a URL of where I can find your essay.

I reserve the right to pick and choose the essays that best argue their points, natch, but if you've read my other posts, you know I won't shy away from discussions of any interaction between characters. All's good. The one thing that I would prefer not to see are vitriolic rants about any particular character. [Okay, exception granted for Envy. That's one character who deserves to be smacked, but I suspect he'd like it too much. Heh.] Anyway, keep it clean and serious and introspective. The idea is that your insight might help writers (and readers/viewers) understand a bit more of a character that may have missed them on first reading/viewing.

Thanks, all!

- Sol

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