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You want more Crack? You got it!

Upon high demands from r_enoah's recent post on the Urahagane, I took the liberty of posting up all of the Urahange currently translated by Funimation. Note: there were some slight changes to some of the Hagane when the characters state the title of the episode. Some have been changed along with the Dubbed title. Hehe this is because I plan to use what I've been typing up as a script for future Voice Work production. Other then that, everything has been typed word for word.

Preview: Ep. 2- Body of the Sanctioned

Winry: Yo! How’s it going, Little Metal Alchemist?
Edward: Who you callin’ “little”!? Uh…Winry!
Rose: Um…Ed, Al, who’s this person?
Winry: Uh…Don’t worry about me, I’m just playing a character.
Edward: You’re not playing anyone…
Alphonse: Rose, this is Winry.
Rose: Is she Ed’s girlfriend?
Edward/Winry: No way!
Rose: Al’s girlfriend then? But that must be difficult. I wonder how they do it…
Ed/Winry: Do what?
Rose: Next time, Fullmetal Alchemist episode 2...
Ed/Winry: Hey! Do what?!
Rose: Body of the Kinki! (Sanctioned)
Winry: Kinki!? That sounds nice…
Rose: Osaka is in the Kinki area, right. They’re so relaxed.
Winry: Uh…W-what is that?!
Edward: Don’t you know?!

Preview: Ep. 3- Mother

Rose: Something really seems nice between Edward and Winry.
Alphonse: Ah! We’re continuing…But I’m a little worried. I don’t think there’s anything that nice..
Rose: Huh? Why’s that?
Alphonse: Winry really loves her automail. That’s why I’m afraid that someday, when my brother becomes taller, she make his entire body mechanical.
Rose: Wow! If that happens then he’ll really…you’re brothers now, but…because you’ll both be…
Alphonse: Rose?
Rose: Fullmetal Alchemist episode 3...
Alphonse: Oh! We’re running out of time…
Rose: “Mother.” That sounds like such a solemn title. But title aside, the episode is hilarious, right?
Alphonse: No, I think the episode is very solemn ,too.

Preview: Ep. 4 -A Forger’s Love

Edward: Hey! Winry! What’re you doing?
Winry: Uh, nothing! This is from your house…see! I just got some stuff out to bring to you.
Edward: You mean you looted our burned down house?
Winry: Here’s a picture of you two when you were little!
Edward: Ah! This brings back memories!
Alphonse: Winry!
Edward: Hey, Al, take a look! A picture of you when you were small.
Alphonse: Wow, I sure have grown! Hey! This is a picture of a small armor.
Ed/Winry: Yeah…
Alphonse: Are you trying to tell me that little by little, over time my original armor has gotten bigger?!
Winry: Next time, Fullmetal Alchemist ep. 4...
Alphonse: Hey!
Winry: Transmutation of Love. You’ll do anything for your beloved?!
Alphonse: Answer me!

Preview: Ep. 5 - The Man with the Mechanical Arm

Winry: Hey!…I watched episode 4. Don’t you think we should give Al a more human-like body?
Edward: Oh, you mean like Majhal’s dolls?
Winry: Yeah.
Alphonse: Brother, Winry, is that my new body?
Edward: Look! This is it.
Alphonse: Aww! It’s so cute, soft, and has a chest…Hey! This is a girl!
Edward: Are you saying you’re not my little sister?
Alphonse: Brother!?
Edward: Next time, Fullmetal Alchemist…
Winry: Episode 5 - The Man with the Mechanical Arm
Alphonse: Ah…Winry, why didn’t you say something sooner?
Winry: Sorry! I thought so too…

Preview: Ep. 6 - The Alchemy Exam

Mustang: Alphonse Elric…
Alphonse: Ah, Lt. Colonel Mustang!
Mustang: You’re awfully effeminate somehow, aren’t you?
Alphonse: In fact, I’ve been told by Brother and Winry that I used to be a girl.
Mustang: Then the rumors are true? All right, this evening at 7 o’clock, I’m making restaurant reservations.
Alphonse: But Colonel -- I mean, Lt. Colonel…
Mustang: It’s too soon to be kissing. My approach is to date someone once first.
Al: O.O;;
Edward: Fullmetal Alchemist, Episode 6: The Alchemy Exam.
Mustang: This is Roy Mustang. Can I reserve my usual place? Yes, tonight at 7. Now, now, it’s nothing like that. It’s business, business!

Preview: Ep. 7- Night of the Chimera’s Cry

Fuhrer: Hmm, he’s good, too. Oh! This man takes a fine picture! And this woman has a nicely proportional figure.
Mustang: Fuhrer, to decide who becomes State Alchemists, we need to be screening their documents.
Fuhrer: What are you talking about? Nothing is worse then being ugly. And besides, I let you slide on your document screening.
Mustang: O.O! You did?
Fuhrer: By the way, what type of fellow is Edward’s younger brother?
Hughes: Let’s see…Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 7,
Mustang: How shall I put this? On the whole he’s…
Hughes: “Night of the Chimera’s Cry”
Fuhrer: The pudgy type? That’s my favorite.
Mustang: Well, if I have to say…

Preview: Ep. 8 - The Philosopher’s Stone

Alphonse: Lt. Colonel, now that I think about it, I get the feeling that I really am a boy.
Mustang: It’s still too soon.
Alphonse: Too soon?
Mustang: Just think about it. In the original story, we’re doing this serious background story on you, while at the same time, we’ve got this optimistic short story going on. Do you know how hard it is to think this up!? Besides, now that your doubts about being a girl have come out-
Alphonse: Well you could just do it like normal, couldn’t you?
Mustang: -we’ve got to grab onto it and stretch it out somehow! Once you understand the way grown-ups are like that…
Alphonse: But I remember peeing standing up with brother--
Mustang: Girls can do that too! Right, Hughes? Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 8, “The Philosopher’s Stone”
Hughes: Wanna see a picture of Elicia-chan?
Alphonse: You haven’t called him Fullmetal Alchemist yet…
Mustang: Listen when people are talking to you!

Preview: Ep. 9 - Be Thou for the People

Scar: Script for preview…”Be sure to transmute this channel next time”!? How can I say that?!
*dog whines*
Scar: What’s the matter? Are you hurt?
*dog whines*
Scar: It’s okay. Let me have a look. See? Nothing to be scared of.
*dog whines*
Scar: Now, come here. Come on, that’s a good boy. Come on, now.
Edward: Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 9, Be Thou for the People!
*dog panics and runs away*
Edward: Huh? He ran away just now, huh?
Scar: So, you’re a State Alchemist after all? You’ll pay for that!
Edward: Be sure to transmute this channel next time!

Preview: Ep. 10 - The Phantom Thief

Winry: And so then…!
Edward: So then…
Alphonse: What? What? What is it?
Winry: Starting next episode, the lengthy “past” arc is over, and the “Ed is 15 years old, but still the same height as ever” arc begins!
Edward: What the heck is that?
Winry: To commemorate this new development, I’ve equipped Al with a new function! When you pull the feather on top of his head, like this, he twinkles!
Alphonse: Yow-ow…! Huh? “Twinkles”?
Edward: Al’s eyes are glowing!
Winry: I turned him into an electrical switch! By the way, when you pull it again…
Alphonse: Oh, they’re midget lamps now!
Edward: Hey, don’t mention midgets!
Alphonse: Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 10, “The Phantom Theif Psiren”
Winry: Next time, Ed’s braid will turn into a switch, too!
Edward: O.O!

Preview: Ep. 11 - The Other Brothers Elric Part One

Edward: Bad news, Al! I heard that we’ve got imposters! What’s worse, they say they’re transmuting gold at some guy named Mugwar’s place!
Alphonse: Good grief, Brother, not more of your ridiculous…Huh? What’s wrong with that? It’s next week’s story.
Edward: I’m going to make sure he pays for using the name Fullmetal Alchemist! -
Alphonse: Brother, this is the flipside of Fullmetal. We have to make silly comments here. -
Edward: -Not only that, the rumors are that he’s taller than I am!
Alphonse: -Brother, I say…! Huh? I pulled his braid, and he stopped talking! There’s a switch there. What do you know?
Edward: Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 11, “The other Elric Brothers Part One”
Alphonse: -He’s serious all right. He’s reading the kanji and everything.
Edward: -Be sure to transmute this channel next week.

Preview: Ep. 12 - The Other Brothers Elric Part 2

Edward?: Previously, Xenotime flourished as a city of gold.
Alphonse: Huh? Brother…
Edward?:- However, the mines gave out long ago.
Alphonse: -Geez, Brother, you’ve gone and become serious again…here!
Edward?: -However, the mines gave out long ago. In order to once again bring about gold…YOW!
Alphonse: -Huh? This switch won’t turn off!
Fletcher: Hands off my brother!
Alphonse: Fletcher? Huh? Russell?
Russell: *laughs* Did you see that!? This is the preview! You guys are little squirts from start to finish!
Fletcher: Nice going, Brother!
Russell: Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 12, “The Handsome Other Brothers Elric Part 2”
Fletcher: Amazing brother!
Alphonse: That title is wrong.

Preview: Ep. 13- Fullmetal vs. Flame

Edward: Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist!
Alphonse: Brother, what are you in such a hurry for?
Edward: Waugh! If I don’t hurry, he’s going to come! He’s going to come!
Russell: Too bad. And here, doing the previews is our job…
Fletcher: Sorry about this, Al.
Alphonse: We’re not about to let you imposters take over the previews twice! Right, brother?
Edward: *groans*
Russell: *chuckles* Can you stand up to this transmutation attack? I’m 14 years old…
Edward: *screams*
Russell: 172 centimeters tall…
Edward: *screaming and groaning*
Russell: And what’s more, I’m still growing!
Edward: Ugh, stop, already!
Alphonse: Brother…
Fletcher: Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 13...
Russell: “The Lover vs. The Clown”!!!!

Preview: Ep. 14 - Destruction‘s Right Hand

Edward: Hey Colonel!
Mustang: Oh, you want to have another contest? But then, supposing I win, there wouldn’t be anything in it for me…
Edward: If I lose, I’ll let you date Al.
Mustang: How about throwing Winry in?
Edward: -Fine!
Mustang: -I’m in!
Alphonse: Now hold on, both of you…!
Edward: Okay, come at me any way you like!
Mustang: Let’s use this to determine the winner!
Edward: I-is that…?
Alphonse: That’s used for measuring a person’s height!
Mustang: Huh? You mean this isn’t a height contest?
Edward: I won’t forget this!
Alphonse: Brother! I told you, you’re no match for the Colonel’s craftiness!
Mustang: --Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 14, “Destruction’s Right Hand.” how about a milk speed-drinking contest next? *laughs*

Preview: Ep. 15- The Ishbal Massacre

Mustang: You are such a spoiled child. Open up now. “Aaahh”
Alphonse: C-Colonel…
Rose: Excuse me, is there a Fullmetal..
Alphonse: That voice -- it’s Rose!
Rose: A-Al? What are you doing?
Mustang: We’re on a date.
Rose: Date? You mean, you’re…
Alphonse: No, Rose! This is like the penalty in a game, where brother lost to the colonel, and now the colonel is teasing me…
Mustang: No, I’m still hedging my bets on the possibility that you’re female.
Rose: How horrible! When he said, “you’ve got a fine pair, don’t you?” it was just sexual harassment!
Alphonse: He said “a fine pair of legs,” didn’t he!?
Mustang: Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 15, “The Ishbal Massacre” Now then, how about we go over there and talk?
Rose: Okay…
Alphonse: I’m going to tell on you to Lt. Hawkeye…

Preview: Ep. 16- That Which is Lost

Alphonse: Ah, Lt. Hawkeye!
Edward: Listen Lieutenant! I started a rumor earlier that Al was really my younger sister, as a joke, and the Colonel took it seriously, and took Al out on a date, where he-
Ed/Al: *screams*
Ed: What are you doing?!
Hawkeye: Oh, my. It looked as though Black Hayate was about to make. Now then, what’s this about the colonel?
Edward: He went off someplace with this girl named Rose and-
Ed/Al: *screams*
Alphonse: You’re hitting us! You’re hitting us, I say!
Hawkeye: Right then, next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 16 “That Which is Lost”.
Alphonse: --”Right then” …!?
Hwakeye: By the way, if you ever bring this up again…*gun click*
Edward: Well, I guess next time, we’ll do a trivia quiz or something.
Alphonse: “What is Brother’s height?”

Preview: Ep. 17- House of the Waiting Family

Hawkeye: Okay then, here’s the next question in the Hagaren Quiz…
Edward: All right! This contest is mine, Colonel!
Mustang: There’s no way you can win against me on smarts!
Hawkeye: Regarding Col. Roy Mustang, famous for his wide-ranging taste in women…
Mustang: ._. Huh?
Hawkeye: What was he doing after we recorded the previous episode preview, instead of returning to the command center?
Mustang: Ahem, T-that seems a little unfair-
Edward: --How would I know
Mustang: -- I was hearing statements.
Edward: --what the colonel was doing?
Mustang: -- Yes, hearing statements!
Hawkeye: And now, a word from our sponsors. Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 17, “House of the Waiting Family.” Now then, Colonel, would you give me your answer again? *gun clicks*
Edward: ._. Can I go home?
Mustang: ._. Don’t you go anywhere!

Preview: Ep. 18- Marcoh’s Notes

Ed: *massaging Winry*
Winry: Right there, right there!
Al: This is unusual--Brother massaging Winry’s shoulders.
Winry: Maintaining automail makes your neck stiff, you know. Ah, Ed, would you do the bottoms of my feet next?
Ed: The bottoms of your feet?!
Winry: If you don’t want to, that’s fine. Let’s see now… “Dear Winry-chan, I really like you, Winry-chan. Alphonse says he likes you too, but-”
Al: W-what’s that…!?
Ed: N-nothing! Nothing! Next time, Episode 18, “Marcoh’s Notes.” There, the preview’s is over!
Winry: The love letter that Ed hid in the cupboard has come out!
Ed: I was four years old at the time!
Winry: “I like you 180 times more then Alphonse does.”
Ed: *bawling*
Al: Brother…

Preview: Ep. 19- The Truth Behind Truths

Scheska: There’s this quiet tapping sound that’s started coming from my room.
Al: Brother, is this a scary story?
Ed: Don’t be afraid.
Scheska: I wanted to find out what it was, and when I finally started straightening up my books…*squeels”
…a bed appeared
Ed: …huh?
Scheska: See, I had stacked up books in my bedroom, too. So, way in the back, someone had been knocking on my back door.
Al: Uh, what are you talking about?
Scheska: What I’m saying is, next time on Fullmetal Alchemist, “The Knocking from Deep within the Bedroom.” Just Kidding! *laughs*
Ed: Al! hold her down! I’m going to transmute her brain into miso soup!

Preview: Ep. 20- Soul of the Guardian

Winry: Hiya! What’s this now? You’re telling scary stories?
Al: Winry!
Scheska: You’re Winree-san?
Winry: No, no, not “Winree,” it’s “Winry.” It’s a little “y” on the end there, a little “y.”
Scheska: Yeah, but when I’m watching Fullmetal Alchemist’s ending on tv…
Al: You watch it?
Scheska: …it has “Winree” written there. But on the DVD, it plainly says “Winry.” It could be some kind of spiritual manifestation!
Al: That’s enough scary talk. Next time on Fullmetal Alchemist, Ep. 20: “Soul of the Guardian.” Okay, break it up, break it up.
Winry: Oh, so then it sounds like Private Yabu made a mistake there, but I had it corrected,
Al: --Winry, you’re scaring me.
Winry: so there’s nothing scary about that, is there?

Preview: Ep. 21- “The Red Glow”

Slicer: Now then, let’s begin with your thoughts about episode 20.
Al: Slicer, you’ve had both the younger and older brother bounded to a single suit of armor. But I couldn’t stand being together with Brother.
Ed: What’s wrong with being with me?
Al: Well, Brother, when you can’t find a restroom, you’ll just take a leak on anything. Then it splashes back and gets all over your legs and whatever. If you did that, the armor would rust.
Ed: What’s the big deal? A long time ago, you used to wet the bed, right? Who knows if you still do that inside your armor.
Al: You had to say it!
Barry: Well, once you’ve become the armor, you don’t really need restrooms anymore.
Al/Ed: Hey, that’s right!
Barry: Next time, episode 21, “The Red Glow.”
Ed: By the way, who are you?
Barry: *evil cackle*

Preview: Ep. 22 - “Created Human”

Barry: Well perhaps I will tell a scary story myself. Some human seminal fluid was closed up inside a flask with some horse manure. Forty days later, it had fermented and a transparent life form had developed. After forty weeks, it was given live human blood, and it took the form of a human child. That was over 500 years ago, when it is said that an alchemist name Paracelsus…called the human within his flask that he had created a “homunculus,” which in Latin means “little person.”
Al: Er, that’s not a scary story, that’s a substantive story, huh?
Ed: Never mind that, who are you?
Barry: *cackles* Next time, Episode 22, “Created Human”!

Preview: Ep. 23 -”Fullmetal Heart”

Lust: Ah, Envy-san, a job well done!
Envy: A job well done, Lust-san.
Lust: Envy-san, you really are a young girl, huh?
Envy: Oh, my!
Lust/Envy: A job well done, Gluttony-san!
Gluttony: Yup.
Lust: Gluttony-san, I apologize for all of us having more lines then you do.
Gluttony: Now, now, when you get to be the way I am, it doesn’t take many lines to make your presence felt as strongly as mine. Oh, Envy-san, you’re in the middle of changing. How sexy.
Envy: Oh, my!
Gluttony: You know, that armor today was delicious. So nice and crisp, the way it crunched in my mouth, it was out of this world! Just thinking about it now makes me hungry! --Metallic, with just the right hint of saltiness--
Lust: --Okay then, next time, Episode 23,
Gluttony: --it was like it was doing a little dance!
Lust: --”Fullmetal Heart” Now, if you’ll excuse us…
Gluttony: --in my mouth…
Envy: Bye-bye!

Preview: Ep. 24 - “Bonding Memories”

Winry: Right, speaking of scary stories…
Ed: Are you still dragging that out?
Winry: There’s something about Al, you know?
Ed: what are you? Ignoring me?!
Winry: There’s no proof at all of what you’d call Al’s soul, is there?
Ed: Now you’re nonchalantly bringing up this episode?
Winry: What if, in fact, the soul of a passerby was just pretending to be Al?
Ed: What’s worse, you’ve got it all inside-out! I did a bang-up job of bonding Al’s soul!
Winry: How could you tell it was him?
Ed: He said so himself. “Brother, this is Al. I want you to help me, quick! --Al!, ooh you should be ashamed to touch me there! -- Al!”
Winry: Ah, so if he kept saying “Al, Al,” Then there can be no mistake, huh? Yea, right!
Barry: Next time, Episode 24, “Bonding Memories.”
Ed: --huh?
Barry: --A lot is going on, so I’m appearing more then usual.
Ed: Who are you, Osome?
Barry: It’s called having brotherly ties!

Preview: Ep. 25 - “Words of Farewell”

Roy: This is unusual. Working overtime, Hughes?
Hughes: Yeah, I’ve got to shorten this subtitle to fit in this newspaper’s TV & radio grid. Let’s see, the next title is “Farewell Ceremonies,” huh? Neither “Farewell” not “Ceremonies” does it justice…
Roy: What about something like “Goodbye”?
Hughes: If possible, I’d like to keep it to two straightforward characters. Like for the show Taiyo ni Hoero.
Roy: That’s a dated example. If you’re going to say anything, you should use Abunai Deka?
Hughes: And that’s supposed to be new?
Roy: How about “Episode 25, ‘Doting Parent’ ”?
Hughes: No, that takes three characters. “Episode 25, ‘Incompetence’.” -- That will do.
Roy: -- “Next time, ‘Eyeglasses’.”
Hughes: -- “Next time, ‘Sex Fiend’!”
Roy: -- “ ‘ Treachery’!”
Hughes: -- “Lolita Complex’!”
Roy: -- “ ‘Promotion’!”
Hughes: -- “ ‘Miniskirt’!”
Roy: Enough! Make it “Flame,” that’s just one character.
Hughes: If that’s how you want it, I’ll make it “Elysia!”
Roy/Hughes: *growls*
Roy: By the way, what’s a TV & radio grid?
Hughes: I don’t know.

Where is the Urahagane located on the DVD? Idk about Jap DVDs, but in the Funi DVDs they're located in the Chapter menus for each episode.Just move the cursor over the Roman Numeral 4 and then move the cursor to the right where the Ouroburos symbol is revealed. That's the Urahagane and all you have to do is click enter to start it ^_^
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