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Because I just love to hear myself talk...

It'll take some time for me to get used to the new OP and ED. I liked the OP okay, but I've officially renamed the ED "Boobs". I'm all for Winry stuff, but she doesn't show that much curvature when she's normally wearing that top, and now all of a sudden...BOOBS!

Yes, I actually said that when watching the ED. I'm glad no one was around to hear me.

This was a nice Winry episode, but I spent most of it being annoyed at Winry. I thought I understood why she was upset at Edward ("He didn't think my automail could win, so he cheated!") but it ended up being...she wanted him to say automail was teh r0xx0rz? That's what I got, anyway. It's a very apparent fact that he wants to get rid of his automail, so I can't understand why Winry had the reaction she did.

Anyway, I'm probably too busy thinking from Edward's point of view. :T

Their sensei ROCKS. She got the best of ROY. That's AWESOME. XDXDXD Their scene and the stuff with young Pinako made this episode awesome. XD

Lastly, though I absolutely hate to do a "comparing anime to manga" moment...I really wish they'd done the episode like it is in the manga. Cut out all the Winry angst and left it just a really funny, cat-and-mouse kind of episode. Ah well. Guess it's not an anime episode till there's some angst. XD

And now, back to work. *pretends to work and daydreams about FMA*
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