FireDreamer (chilayse) wrote in fm_alchemist,

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Er..hello. ...A picture?

So I just joined this community...
Er intro yeah intro..

I'm FireDreamer and this is the first time I've touched anything for a specific anime fandom in about 5 years so if people know me say so so I can be horrified that someone read my fanfiction...just kidding.

I was going to make an icon of Ed, but I couldn't find very many good pictures for FMA..(need fma wallpapers...ahhh) so I thought I'd draw the icon myself. It's not very good but I figured it'd be a nice thing to introduce myself with a piece of fanart.

With all luck i'm getting FMA 11 today. If the person that downloads for me gets over here. Does anyone know any http download sites for anime(specifically FMA and Chrno Crusade)? They blocked bittorrent and irc here at school.

Sorry this is so random. My thoughts are scattered all over the place today.

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