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Raiden18-Chapter 2 translation

Okay, Im not very good so if I've translated something wrongly, let me know ok? Cos some names are converted into chinese and don't sound very right and it confuses me too. Heh.

Page 1: First panel: Mary Shelley

In 1818, author of "Frankeinstein", depicting how a live human was created our from a corpse. From then onwards, those weird people who walk around on their own, seemingly alone have been labeled as "Frankensteins". But 'Frankeinstein' was the name of the scientist in the novel, so technically speaking, those people should be called as 'Frankeinstein's creatures'.

It shows a photograph of Shelley with her frankeinstein (eh, not very sure abt this though) holding up a voucher saying that she has one year's supply of corpses, and she exclaiming "YAY!"

Shelley: Heh heh heh, I can get a year's supply of corpses, finally! *hearts*

Franky (short for frankenstein can?): If there are good bodies, can you pls change the the stupid brain in my head?!

Shelly: If there's a good one I'll certainly do it for you!

Shelly: if only its easier to get corpses in this world, how nice it will be!

Page 2:

Shelley: Maybe we can start a war easily if we get our hands on these corpses!!!

(Shows a skeleton which functions as a clock I think)

Shelley: Oh SHIT! I've arranged to meet a friend to buy something!
Franky: U have friends?!!

Shelley: Pls help me look after the house, and oh, help me clean up too!!
Franky: Don't JOKE with me! Im not yr male nanny/maid!!

(Shelley hands a broom over to Franky who's wearing an apron, which is always emphasized in this raiden)

Page 3:

Shelley: A part of yr brain was taken from a super nanny/maid, so u can do it!!!
Franky: What?! Ah ah, my body is moving on its own to clean up! *Cries*

Shout from the house from Franky: You win, Ju! (ok, I can't translate the name so let's just go by "ju" since first)

Franky: How can a girl's room be so dirty?!'
(he sits on the floor cleaning): That woman definitely cannot get married man! Oh btw, how old is she anyway?!

Franky contemplating: Yes... I don't know anything abt Ju (who is his creator IMO) and I don't even know her real name...

Page 4:

Franky falls down the stairs: ... eh?
He stares at the refridgerators: what the heck is that?!
franky: Refridgerators...? *eerie eerie*
Franky: !!!! (at the 17th sign hung outside one of the fridge)

Franky: Oh yes! If im the 18th creation, that means that before me, there must be other 17 creatures...

[suddenly, a man (i presumed its stalin?!) falls out from the fridge]

Franky: Oi! Can you speak??? Im talking to you!

Page 5:

Stalin: kashou! (er, some sound) IS IT?!!

Stalin: PIROSHIK!!!
Franky: Russian! I cannot speak Russian!!!

[stalin falls, franky picks him up]

Franky: Phew, dangerous, dangerous... (my god)
Franky: Ju that fellow actually wants russians too...

[sign on the coffin reads: Stalin, Number 8, confidential materials]

Page 6:

[Franky gapes in awe at the names stuck to coffins, side note reads: names of famous english pple, I see Kloff]

Franky (staring at the mummy): GAH!!! Language! I cannot speak their languages AT ALL!

A sign outside an old man's corpse reads: Ju, Number 1. (Im not sure this means her first creation or what?!)

Franky: ITS YOU!!!!
[he pressed the button on the old man's head]

Page 7:

The old man starts to rattle on: 27th of May, 6:30am, sighted enemy troops in XXX river! 2pm, war started and we hit down Kamuchaka (my try) and Pollosolo (?) these 2 ships! And then, we (in another sea) struck down the cruise Nazimof!!!

[the old man continues, and Franky is at the background]

Franky: If I say I don't understand means I cannot understand yr language (god I cant stand it)!

Old man: Huh?!

Old man: Despicable caucasians who dare to trespass my lands!!!! See how I take down yr head!!!

[I think dear franky knocked the old man down here.;p]

Page 8:

Old man: Oi, you want to ask me about Ju?

Franky: Yes! Because u have relations to Ju's family, and you look like me (as in, frankensteins me thinks), we seemed to created from human bodies, so I was thinking of asking you.

Franky's thoughts: If I can get to know some vital information abt that fellow (referring to Ju), then perhaps I don't have to listen to her stupid orders anymore!

Franky: I won't go in circles; who the hell is this JU?!

Old man (pointing to Ju in the photograph with Franky): This is my daughter called Chang Ye (er, sorry!), born in Meiji year of 35, which is 1902...

[Franky slaps the poor old man, heh!]


Old man: Hey! Our 'Ju' family is one of the rare few who could make use of dead bodies to help military in its resources and expanding their territory as our aims! From XXX century we have been making man-made humans! (-> homonculi??!!)

Page 9:

Ladies: Ms Ju, what do you work as?
Shelley: I can't put it into words very well, but basically Im like a doctor.. something along that line!

Old man: In regards to the recycle of dead bodies, its very rare then ok! So all the attention was focused on economical sense! The dark society then didn't know the name of our "Ju" Family then!!!

Ladies: How abt yr family members?
Shelley: They are all dead.

Old man: Of course the souls of the man-made humans in our family did not weaken!!!

[franky in background: nag nag nag....]

Old man: All of us left behind a will: and that is when we die, use our bodies as materials for man-made humans!!!

Shelley: So im living alone now... although I have a dog (referring to franky), he's not very obedient...

Old man: She.. Chang Ye is our sole survivor of the Ju Family!

[Franky in background still: nag nag nag]

Old man: Old woman! where are my specs?!

Ladies: How old is yr dog?
Shelley: U are so bad! Its a secret...

Old man: And she is such a genius! Self-taught and her skills in modelling a man-made human has probably surpassed expectations: IMMORTALITY!!!

Old Man: Btw, have I eaten?!

Page 10:

Franky: Enough. listening to an old man with a water-logged brain... Im stupid enough myself. *spit*

Old Man: There's no water in my head!!! (even though everyone says so!)

Old man: Come and look at this!!!
Franky: huh?

Old man: how are all these...?

[Shows photos of Shelley with her father, then in american's civil wars in 1918, then with Mr Fleming, and various sort of places...]

[Photograph book is labeled as "Memories".]

Page 11:

Franky and old man seems to reminisce abt old memories. (hah!)

Shelley: I see you guys.

[Franky gets a shock]: Ju!
Old man: Chang Ye!

[Shelley punches the old man]

Old man: My lovely, adorable Chang Ye...

SHELLEY: what did this old man with a water-logged brain tell you???

Franky: No... er, nothing, I've heard nothing at all!!!!'

Page 12:

Shelley: Aiyah! U've discoverd the secret of my age, isn't it?! That's terrible...

Franky's thoughts: She admitted to it so quickly, as if she didn't have any intention to hide the truth away..

Shelley to Franky: Raiden-kun, will you be so nice not to let the cat out of the bag?!

Franky's heart go pitter=patter: wha... what?!

Shelley holding up a knife near franky's face: If you tell anyone abt this...

Franky's heart go pit-pat again: what.. what?!

Shelley: Then I'll cut off that thing (ok, I really have no idea what 'that thing' is! Penis?!)

[ring ring ring!!!]

Lady 1: is it a sms?
Lady 2: Yeah, from Ju.

Page 13:

[text on phone says: Thank you so much for taking me during these past few days! Those photos that you helped me 'patch up' were very useful indeed! Let's go shopping another day ok?]

Lady 2: Our skills were useful!
Lady 1: But its weird, that Ms Ju... the fact that she wants herself to be on such weird photos....

[ding dong on lap top; text says: U are welcomed! Pls feel free to let us know what you want in future!]

Shelley: Ai-yah.... really, these 'patched-up' photos are soooo useful!!!

Shelley shouting out from her window: Raiden! Once u are done with the yard, remember to clean up the kitchen!!!

Franky: YES!

Shelley looking out in her room: hehehe, he's so much obedient now that he's afraid of me...

Old man: Chang Ye...

Old man: Have I eaten???

Shelley: oh my my my, has water gotten into yr brain again?!

Page 14:

Shelley: How many times do you want me to repeat myself? Im not yr daughter Mr Qiunan....

Old man: See.. these enemies blah blah blah

Shelley: Alright alright, you've said this for 50 times already...

Shelley noticing a photo: Ah... oh...

Shelley holding photograph: Dangerous dangerous, this must be kept somewhere else safely..

Shelley: Really.. me...

[on the back of that photograph writes: 1851, to Ms Mary Shelley]

Shelley: To hide my age is not that fun at all...

I hope this helps! :)

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