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well, the FMA/movie crack has stuck again after a good long while...... hope its enjoyed.

From the Guy who produced FMA Clerks and Scar Horror Picture Show comes this Walt Disney Pictures Film ;P


The skeletal remains of four pirates, still clad in buccaneer
rags, hang from gallows erected on a rocky promontory. There is
a fifth, unoccupied gallow, bearing a sign:


The top of a billowing sail passes regally in front of them.
On the landward face of the sail, apparently high in the
rigging, is a man for whom the term 'swashbuckling rogue' was
coined: Captain Roy Mustang.

He gazes keen-eyed at the display as they pass. Raises a
tankard in salute. Suddenly, something below catches his
attention. He jumps from the rigging --

-- and that's when we see that his ship is not an imposing
three-master, but just a small fishing dory with a single
sail, plowing through the water -- the Jolly Mon.

And it leaks. Which is why he has the tankard: to bail.

Roy steps back to the tiller, and using a single sheet to
control the sail, and the Jolly Mon comes around the
promontory, the whole of Port Royal laid out before him.

The huge British dreadnaught, H.M.S. Dauntless dominates the
bay. But Roys attention is on a different ship: the H.M.S.
Interceptor, a small sleek vessel with rail guns and a mortor
in the middle of the main deck. It is tied up at the Navy
landing, at the base of the cliffs below Fort Charles.


Smoothly and with no wasted movement, Roy hauls down the sail,
stows it, guides the dory alongside a dock. The HARBORMASTER,
a long ledger tucked under his arm, is there to catch the line
and help Roy tie up.

If you're rolling scuppers in this
tub, you're either incredibly brave
or incredibly stupid.

It's remarkable how often those
two traits coincide.

He starts up the dock, strapping on his sword belt; besides the
scabbard, it also carries a compass, and a pair of white gloves
that shows a bit of an alchemic design on them. The Harbormaster
cuts him off.

It's a shilling for the dock space,
and you're going to have to give me
your name.

What do you sat three shillings,
and we forget the name?

He tosses three shillings onto the ledger. The Harbormaster
considers, then shuts the ledger on the coins, steps aside.

Welcome to Port Royal, Mr. Smith.

Roy gives him a half-salute as he goes past. Looks across the
water toward the Interceptor -- and smiles. Above the
Interceptor, among the parapets of Fort Charles, a ceremony is
underway --


With choreographed percision, Swann removes the sword and
scabbard from the presentation case, held by a uniformed Navy
man. He slides the sword into the scabbard, holds it out
vertically to Scar, in full dress uniform.

Scar grasps the scabbard above Swann's hand, and Swann
lets go. Scar draws the sword, flourishes the sword, and
snaps the blade up in front of his face. Swann steps forward,
pins a medal to Scar's jacket, steps back.

Scar nods, turns smartly and nods to his fellow officers,
turns again and nods to the audience -- dignitaries, merchants,
plantation owners, their families. Another flourish, and he
returns the sword to its scabbard.

The silence is broken loud APPLAUSE. Backslapping from the Navy

In the audience, Rose doesn't look so good, out beneath
the hot sun. She applauds briefly, then winces. Discretely
tries to adjust the corset through the material of the dress,
then resumes clapping, trying to hide her discomfort.


Two sailors on sentry duty, MURTOGG and MULLROY, take advantage
of what little shade there is on the dock. But when Roy
saunters up, they are immediately on alert.

This dock is off-limits to civilians.

Sorry, I didn't know.

Music drifts down from Fort Charles. Roy looks up, shields his

Roy (CONT'D)
Some sort of to-do up at the fort,
eh? You two weren't invited?

No ... somone has to make sure this
dock stays off-limits to civilians.

This must be some important boat.



Captain Scar's made it his
flagship. He'll use it to hunt
down the last dregs of alchemy on
the Spanish Lake.


Right. Commodore Scar.

That's a fine goal, I'm sure ...
But it seems to me a ship like
that -- (indicates the Dauntless)
-- makes this one here just a wee

Oh, the Dauntless is the power in
these waters, true enough -- but
there's no ship that can match the
Interceptor for speed.

That so? I've heard of one,
supposed to be fast, neigh
uncatchable ... the Black Pearl?

Mullroy scoffs at the name.

There's no *real* ship as can match
the Interceptor.

The Black Pearl is a real ship.

No, it's not.

Yes it is. I've seen it.

You've seen it?


You've seen the Black Pearl?


You haven't seen it.

Yes, I have.

You've seen a ship with black sails
that's crewed by the damned and
captained by a man so evil that
hell itself spat him back out?

... No.


But I've seen a ship with black sails.

Oh, and no ship that's not crewed
by the damned and captained by a
man so evil that hell itself spat
him back out could possibly have
black sails and therefore couldn't
possibly be any ship other than
the Black Pearl. Is that what
you're saying?

... no.

MULLROY (turns back to Roy)
Like I said, there's no real ship
as can match -- Hey!

But Roy's not there. Murtogg and Mullroy look around, spot --

Roy standing at the wheel of the Interceptor, casually
examining the mechanism.


Roy looks over in exaggeratedly innocent surprise. The
sailors hurry toward the gangplank.

Get away from there! You don't
have permission to be aboard there!

Jack spreads his hands in apology.

I'm sorry. It's just such a pretty
boat. Ship.

The sailors study him suspiciously.

What's your name?


What's your business in Port Royal,
'Mr. Smith'?

And no lies!

None? Very well. You rumbled me.
I confess: I intend to commandeer
one of these ships, pick up a crew
in Tortuga, and go on the account,
do a little honest alcheming.

I said, no lies.

I think he's telling the truth.

He's not telling the truth.

He may be.

If he were telling truth he
wouldn't have told us.

Unless, of course, he knew you
wouldn't believe the truth if he
told you it.

Murtogg and Mullroy consider that point --


Rose, pale and perspiring, fans herself weakly, oblivious
to the music and chatter.

May I have a moment?

He extends his hand. She takes it. He walks her away from the
party, toward the parapet. A rather too long of a silence as
Norrington works up his courage.

Scar (CONT'D)
(a burst)
You look lovely. Rose.

Rose frowns, unable to focus. Scar mistakes her
expression as disapproval.

Scar (CONT'D)
I apologize if I seem forward -- but I must speak
my mind.
(working up his confidence to do so)
This promotion confirms that I have accomplished
the goals I set for myself in my career. But it also
casts into sharp relief that which I have not
achieved. The thing all men most require: a
marriage to a fine woman.
(beat) You have become a fine woman, Rose.

I can't breathe.

Scar (smiles)
I'm a bit nervous, myself --

Rose loses her balance, stumbles away from Scar. She
reaches a hand out to the parapet to steady herself, but it
slides off --

-- and then she vanishes over the wall. Gone.



Roy reacts, pushes Murtogg aside to see --

Rose plummets from the top of the cliff. It seems to take
her a long to reach the sea --

Rose hits the water, narrowly missing the sharp rocks. A
wave breakes, and then she is washed out away from the cliff,
struggling feebly.


Scar looks down --


He leaps to the top of the parapet, prepared to dive -- a
lieutenant, Yoki, catches his arm.

The rocks, sir! It's a miracle she missed them!

Scar shakes off his arm, looks down -- and realizes
Yoki is right. He jumps down and runs --


Roy, Murtogg and Mullroy are still in shock from the sight.

Aren't you going to save her?

I can't swim.

Murtogg shakes his head -- neither does he.

Roy (rolls his eyes)

Above where Rose struggles in the water, Scar and
several other men pick their way down the cliffs. They are too
far away to get to her in time.

Roy scowls. He has no choice -- and it pisses him off.

Roy (CONT'D)

He pulls a pair of white gloves from his sword belt, hands it
to Murtogg; then hands the belt to Mullroy.

Roy (CONT'D)
Don't lose these.

And then he dives into the water, swims toward Rose.

Rose struggles to keep above water, gasping for air --
then a swell rolls over her, and she is submerged --


Rose drifts down, unconscious. The current turns her, and
the MEDALLION slips loose from her bodice.

The MEDALLION turns slowly, until the SKULL is fully visible.
A shaft of filtered sunlight hits it, and it GLINTS --


FORT CHARLES: The British flag flies, blown from an offshore
breeze. Suddenly the wind dies, and the flag goes limp.

ON THE DOCKS: Wood and metal fittings on the lines bang against
masts. The wind dies, and there is silence.

ON THE EDGE OF TOWN: A CARIBE WOMAN feeds clucking chikens,
frowns when they all suddenly go quit ...

IN THE VILLAGE: A weather vane moves slightly in the wind. The
wind stops, and all is still. And then ...

... the weather vanes TURNS, and holds steady -- the wind has
picked up again, but now blows from the sea toward the land.

ON THE BEACH: an OLD SALT pulls a rope line, pauses. Turns and
gazes at the sky, frowning. The mangy hound at his side starts
BARKING incessantly --

ON THE DOCKS: The lines bang against the other sides of the
masts, the wind far stronger now.

FORT CHARLES: the British flag flies in the opposite direction,
snapping in the new onshore breeze.


Scar rushes down, intent on the climb. Beyond him, past
the rocky point, far out to sea, FOG gathers --


UNDERWATER: the medallion hangs below Rose's unmoving
form -- and then Roy is there. He wraps an arm around her
and makes for the surface.


Roy swims toward the dock, struggling. It is far more
difficult than it should be. He stops stroking, and they

UNDERWATER: Roy realizes that it is Rose's heavy velvet
dress that is weighing them down. He pulls at the buttons on
the back, and they give way. He skins her out of the dress, and
kicks away from it.

The dress falls like a cloud into darkness --

ON THE SURFACE: Roy swims with Rose, much more quickly.


Murtogg and Mullroy are there to help haul Rose out of
the water.

Roy climbs up, exhausted. Rose is on her back; Murtogg
holds her arms above her head, pumping them. Mullroy puts his
cheek to her nose and mouth.

Not breathing.

Murtogg looks down; it seems hopeless. Roy steps up, drawing
Murtogg's knife from its sheath.


He pushes past Mullroy, kneels over Rose, raises the
knife -- Murtogg is shocked --

Roy slits the corset down the middle, yanks it away.

Rose remains still. And then -- she coughs up water and
gasps, choking on her first full breath. Roy is relieved.

I never would have thought of that.

Clearly, you've never been to Singapore.

Roy flips the knife and hands it hilt-first to Murtogg -- and
that's when he spots --

The MEDALLION. Roy catches it up in his hand.

Roy (CONT'D)
Where did you get this?

Before Rose can answer, the BLADE of a SWORD is at Roy's
THROAT -- Scar's new ceremonial sword, in fact, looking
bright and sharp.

On your feet.

It looks bad -- Roy standing over Rose, most of her
clothes gone. He gets to his feet. The rest of Rose's
erstwhile rescuers reach the scene, including Swann.

Rose! Are you all right?

He strips off his jacket, drapes it around her.

Yes -- yes, I'm fine -- Commodore
Scar, do you intend to kill my rescuer?

Scar looks at Roy. Roy nods as best he can with a blade
beneath his chin. Scar sheathes his sword, and extends
his hand.

I believe thanks are in order.

Roy takes Scar's hand gingerly. They shake --

-- and Scar tightens his grip, yanks Roy's arm toward
him, then tears back the sleeve of Roy's shirt --

-- exposing a BRAND on Roy's inner wrist: a large 'A.'

Scar (CONT'D)
Had a brush-up with the East India
Trading Company, did you ... Alchemist?

The others react in shock, but the sailors are well-trained --
in an instant, half a dozen pistols are aimed at Roy. He
stands there, still holding the corset.

Scar (CONT'D)
Keep your guns on him, men.
Yoki, fetch some irons.

Scar notices something else -- below the 'A' brand is a
tattoo: a flame floating above water.

Scar (CONT'D)
Well, well... Roy Mustang, isn't it?

Captain Roy Mustang. If you please.

Scar looks out at the bay.

I don't see your ship -- Captain.

He said he'd come to commandeer

MULLROY (to Murtogg)
I told you he was telling the truth.
(currying favor)
These are his, sir.

He holds out Roy's gloves and belt. Scar takes the
gloves, examines it.

Roy shrugs. Scar unhooks the compass from the belt,
opens it. He frowns at the reading. Moves the compass this
way and that, keeping it parallel to the ground.

Scar (CONT'D)
It doesn't bear true.

Roy looks away, a bit embarrassed. Scar returns the
compass to the belt. Draws the sword half from the scabbard.

Scar (CONT'D)
I half-expected it to be made of wood.

He slides it back into the scabbard, hands it to Mullroy.

Scar (CONT'D)
Taking stock: you've got a pair of gloves,
a compass that doesn't point north ... and
no ship. You are without a doubt the worst
pirate I have ever heard of.

Ah, but you have heard of me.

Yoki returns with shackles, approaches Roy.

Carefully, lieutenant.

Rose steps forward. Swann's jacket slips off her. She is
unconcerned, but he is intent on putting it back on her.

Commodore, I must protest. Alchemist
or not, this man saved my life.

One good deed is not enough to
redeem a man of a lifetime of

Yoki snaps the manacles closed on Roy's wrists.

But it seems to be enough to condemn him.

Scar (smiles)

Now that Roy is safely chained, Scar nods to his men.
All but one stow their weapons, and two step forward --


Lightning-quick, he snaps the corset around the hand and wrist
of the man holding the pistol and yanks. The pistol sails into
the water. Before anyone can react to that, Roy has the
manacle chain wrapped around Rose's throat.

Pistols are drawn again, but now Rose serves as a shield.
Scar raises a cautioning hand to his men.

JACK (CONT'D) (backing away, toward land)
Commodore Scar ... my gloves and belt, please.

Scar hesitates, balls his fists in frustration.

Roy (CONT'D)

Mullroy hands the gloves and belt to Scar. Scar
holds them out to Roy.

Rose -- it is Rose?

Rose is more angry than frightened.

Miss Swann.

Miss Swann, if you'll be so kind?

She takes the belt and gloves from Scar -- Roy's quicker
than she is, and takes the gloves from her. He jerks her around
so she is facing him, belly to belly.

Roy (CONT'D)
Now, if you'll be very kind?

She figures out what he wants: put the belt on him.

Rose (as she works)
You are despicable.

I saved your life; now you've saved
mine. We're square.

Done. He turns her again, and then backs up until he bumps
against the cargo gantry.

Roy (CONT'D)
Gentlemen ... m'lady ... you will
always remember this as the day you
almost caught Captain Roy Mustang.

He shoves Rose away, grabs a rope and pulls free a
belaying pin -- a counterweight drops and Roy is lifted up to
the middle of the gantry, where he grabs a second rope --

Pistols fire -- and miss. Roy swings out, out, out, away from
and around the gantry.

Scar has held his shot. With careful aim, he tracks
Roy's trajectory --

Roy drops from the rope even as Scar FIRES. His shot
tears the rope --

-- as Roy plummets past one of the gantry's guy lines, he
snaps the length of the manacle chain over the line and grabs
hold of the far loop -- slides down the line --

-- drops to the deck of a ship. He runs, leaping to another
ship, then out of sight --

On his heels! Yoki, bring a
squad down from the fort!
(to Rose)
Rose, are you --

Yes, I'm all right, I'm fine! Go capture him.

Scar's taken aback by her ire, and wisely hurries away.
Swann drapes his coat around Rose.

Here, dear ... you should wear this.

Rose shivers, finding suddenly that she is cold. Glances
out at the bay --

-- where a THICK FOG moves across the top of the water. She
takes the jacket.

Thank you, Father ... and let that
be the last of your fashion advice,

But she accepts his comforting embrace.


The fog creeps through, casting an eerie twilight pall. An
armed search party moves along the street. They glance down an
alley --

On the far side is another search party. The men nod to each
other, continue on.

A moment, and then Roy drops from his hiding place beneath the
eaves of a building. He still wears the manacles.

Across the street is a shop with barn doors, a pass-thru door
set in the middle. Above is a sign with a black anvil.


Roy slips through the door, takes a look around:

No windows. The forge is dark, lit by lanterns. Work-in-
progress is scattered about: wagon wheels, wrought iron gates,
pipes -- even a cannon with a crack in it. But every tool is in
place; the workbench is tidy and neat.

Roy is startled by a noise: Mister Dominique, in a blacksmith's
apron, snores in the corner, cradling a bottle. Roy gives him
a hard poke. Another. Dominique snorts, turns away.

Satisfied, Roy sheathes his sword, takes a short-handled
sledge from its place on the wall. Moves to the glowing coke
furnace in the middle of the room.

Slowly... he holds his right hand over the furnace, the chain
down in the embers. The chain begins to GLOW. Roy sweats,
grimaces at the pain --

Moving quickly, he wraps the chain around the nose of an anvil,
brings the sledge down with a fast, hard stroke on the glowing
links. One SHATTERS. Roy drops the sledge, plunges his
manacled hand in a bucket of water. Steam billows.

Roy pulls his hand out, flexes it. Blisters form beneath the
manacle -- but his hands are free.

The SOUND of the latch on the door -- Roy dives for cover.

Edward enters the forge, shuts the door behind him. Spots the
drunken Mister Dominique in the corner.

Right where I left you.

Something catches his eye: an empty peg on the wall. The sledge
lying beside the anvil.

Edward (CONT'D) (under his breath)
Not where I left you.

He moves casually toward the sledge. The grabs for it -- but
the flat of a sword blade slaps his hand. Edward jumps back.

Roy stands there, sword leveled at Edward. He backs Edward up,
toward the door. Ed glares at him.

Edward (CONT'D) (voice low and tight)
You're the one they're hunting. The *alchemist*.

Roy acknowledges it with the tip of his head ... then frowns,
regards Edward.

You look familiar ... Have I ever threatened you before?

I've made a point of avoiding familiarity with alchemists.

Ah. Then it would be a shame to put a black
mark on your record. So if you'll excuse me ...

Beside the door is a grindstone, a sword resting in the honing
guide. Before Roy can react, Edward has it in hand.

Roy (CONT'D)
Do you think this is wise, boy?
Crossing blades with a alchemist?

You threatened Miss Swann.

Only a little.

In responce, Edward assumes an en garde position. Roy appraises
him, unhappy to see Edward knows what he's doing.

Roy attacks. The two men stand in one place, trading feints,
thrusts and parries with lightning speed, almost impossible to
follow. Edward has no trouble matching Roy.

Roy (CONT'D)
You know what you're doing, I'll give you that ...
Excellent form ... But how's your footwork? If I step here --

He takes a step around an imaginary circle. Edward steps the
other way, maintaining his relationship with Roy.

Roy (CONT'D)
Very good! And if I step again,
you step again ...
(continuing to step around the circle)
And so we circle, circle, like dogs
we circle ...

They are now exactly opposite their initial positions.

Roy (CONT'D)

Roy turns and heads for the door, now directly behind him.

Edward registers with angry surprise -- and then with a vicious
overhand motion, he throws his sword --

-- the sword buries itself into the door, just above the latch,
barely missing Roy. Roy registers it, then pulls on the
latch, but it won't move up -- the sword is in the way.

Roy rattles the latch. Tugs on the sword a few times -- it is
really stuck in there. Roy mouths a curse, but when he turns
back to Edward, he's smiling.

Roy (CONT'D)
That's a good trick. Except, once
again, you are between me and the
way out.
(points his sword at the back door)
And now you have no weapon.

Eyes on Roy, Edward simply picks up a new sword from an anvil.
Roy slumps in dismay -- but then he leaps forward.

Edward and Roy duel. Their blades flash and ring. Suddenly, Roy
swings the chain still manacled to his left hand at Edward's
head. Edward ducks it, comes up wide-eyed.

Then Roys chain smashes across Edward's sword, disarming him.

Edward quickly picks up another sword. Jack becomes aware that
the entire room is filled with bladed weapons: swords, knives,
boarding axes in various stages of completion.

Roy (CONT'D)
Who makes all these?

I do. And I practice with them.
At least three hours a day.

You need to find yourself a girl.
(Edward sets his jaw)
Or maybe the reason you practice
three hours a day is you've found
one -- but can't get her?

A direct hit -- and Edward coils even more tightly with anger.

No. I practice three hours a day
so that when I meet a alchemist ...
I can kill him.

He explodes: kicks a rack, causing a sword to fall into his
hand; uses his foot to bring his dropped sword into the air,
catches it -- and attacks Roy, both blades flashing.

Roy parries with sword and chain. Roys chain wraps around
Edward's sword; Edward twists the handle of his guard through a
link, and stabs the sword up into the ceiling --

So Roys manacled left arm is now suspended from the ceiling.
Not good. He parries using one hand, twisting and dodging
around the furnace --

Roy compresses the bellows, blowing a SHOWER OF SPARKS into
Edward's face. Roy grabs the chain, hoists himself up, kicks
with his feet, knocking Edward back.

Roy uses his full weight, yanks the sword from the ceiling.
Hurls a wooden mallet at Edward, then a second, hitting Edward on
the wrist. Edward drops his sword, falls down, gets up --

Roy's glove is on his hand with his fingers pressed together like
they are going to snap is aimed directly between Edward's eyes.

Edward steps back, directly in front of the back exit. Glares,
rubs his wrist gingerly.

Edward (CONT'D)
You cheated.

Roy (smiles)
what did you expect?
I'm a Alchemist.

Roy steps forward. Edward steps back, fully blocking the door.

Roy (CONT'D)
Move away.



No. I can not just step aside and
let you escape.

Roy tightens his fingers a bit. Edward stares back.
The stand-off lasts a long moment.

You're lucky, boy -- this shot's not meant for you.

Roy relaxes his gloved hand. Edward is surprised, reassesses Roy --

Suddenly, Mister Dominique SLAMS his bottle against Roy's skull.
Roy crumples to the ground.

The front and back doors smash open, and SAILORS fill the room.
Scar pushes forward, sees Roy on the ground.

Excellent work, Mister Dominique.
You've aided in the capture of a
dangerous fugitive.

Just doing my civic duty.

Roy groans. Scar stands over him, smiles.

I believe you will always remember
this as the day Captain Roy
Mustang almost escaped.

Scar's men haul Roy away. Edward watches them go. Dominique
looks at his bottle -- broken.

That ratter broke my bottle.


The thick fog blankets the entire bay now, and the town. The
only structure visible is Fort Charles, high on the bluff, like
a tall ship sailing a sea of grey.

Above the Fort is a clear black sky sprinkled with stars. A
waxing moon shines, giving both Fort and fog an eerie glow.


just below the stone parapets of the fort, visible briefly deep
in the fog, like a shark fin slicing through water: the TOPMAST
of a ship, BLACK SAILS billowing. Flying from the mast is a
flag with white Aztec skull.

The Black Pearl has come to Port Royal.

I couldnt figure out anyone to Replace MURTOGG and MULLROY, so I kept them. also Rose never had a last name it seems so I'm sticking with Swann being the last name as well as the name for her father ;P

also I did later decide to just put in 'alchemists' in the use of pirates. though not sure if to change the skull into an alchemic symbol ;p


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