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Title: Friends and Family are NOT Hostages!
Pairing: None really; it’s pretty canon (I surprised myself ._.)
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language
Spoilers: Well, none really, it takes place right after episode 22, so if you consider anything after that episode a spoiler, don’t read ^^;;
Summary: After being hospitalized from the 5th laboratory incident, Al is troubled by his memories, Winry is troubled by the brother’s quarrel, and Ed is troubled by a sudden hostage attack at the hospital!
Notes: Yeah, sorry the summary is really corny…If I could get any suggestions on how to write one better, that would be wonderful! ;_; Anyways, I got this idea while watching episode 23, wanting to redo it so badly, so here’s what I got for now. May continue it, may not? I’m following my own timeline, it’s not supposed to go according to exactly what happens in the series, such as the part about Winry forgetting that screw in Ed’s arm. I’m making it as if both of them are oblivious to the fact. There are other events I changed too.

“AL!!!” Ed suddenly yelped, his body swinging up to sit. He cringed instantly, a striking pain hitting his ribcage, as well as his head. He swooned a little, groaning, and falling back on the hospital bed.

Wait…..hospital bed??

He jerked back up again, looking around frantically, until he spotted Ross, and Denny standing next to each other, both a little surprised at his awakening. Maria smiled a little, going closer to the bed, as his eyes moved around again. This time he spotted Al in the corner, the middle and top sections of his body mostly in tact, but his arm and legs both gone. The space where they once were was melted over and mangled.

“Mr. Elric! Thank goodness, are you alright?” Maria’s voice made him look back.
“Ah, yes I think.” He stated simply, not really thinking of what to say and just saying it.
“Are you sure? I mean, the lab was such a mess when we arrived, and you seemed to be in grave danger so-“
“I’m telling you I’m fine. Really, I am. Nothing that serious happened.” Ed said, shrugging. Ross obviously wasn’t satisfied by such a nonchalant answer.
“But sir, we saw that alchemic light, or whatever it was, surrounding you! And then you passed out! How is that not so serious?”
“I’ve been through worse, so stop worrying about it!” he said, a stubborn frown on his face. Ross stood upright suddenly.
“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to forgive me in advance for this…”
“For wh-“

Before two words could get out, a sharp slap across Ed’s left cheek forced his head to jerk to the side a little, the usual stinging pain following. He sat there, staring wide eyed and mouth gaping at the military woman, not even realizing that his cheek was in burning pain (she hits pretty hard!).

“The moment we arrived, explosions were going off in different areas of the lab building. When we got to you, the Major informed us that your alchemic powers were rapidly increasing as you were engulfed by an intense blue light. Your brother was a heap of melt metal, being overseen by a trio of homunculi. Now you tell me, Ed, how you consider that not serious?” she stated firmly, then saluted him after a moment of silence. “Please forgive me sir; it was not my place to do such a thing to a commanding officer.”
“N-No…You’re right….I’m sorry.” He said quietly, blinking a little flabbergasted. Ross thought she’d faint, Broche standing upright next to her, sweating a sea.
“S-So….are you going to….reprimand us for her actions?” Denny dared to ask.
“No, I was wrong. I’m just really stubborn like that.”

Without even bothering to listen to the rest of his sentence, when they heard his ‘no’, they both gasped in relief, relaxing. Al stared at them oddly, as only he knew he was, and then back at the wall. Every time he attempted to shift his body, or maybe straighten his helmet, he was reminded of the only arm he currently had, or the fact that he could fall over from moving so much, and sat still again. Ed looked over at his brother, a bit relieved.

“You look so banged up…are you alright? How’s your blood seal hanging in?” He asked caringly.
“What? Oh…I’m fine.”
“You sure? You’re pretty quiet.”
“I said I’m fine.”

Well, that was a pretty rough response. Ed took his word for it anyways, scooting his body over to the edge of the bed.

“Ah- Fullmetal?” Denny questioned his action.
“I need to use the phone. Gotta call someone….” He said, rubbing his neck and then cricking it. As he slowly stood, Ross grabbed his flesh arm, helping him to walk in the hall, telling Broche to stay with Al for company. “This won’t take long, Al. I’ll be right back.”


“Ah….I kind of…got into a big fight…” Ed slowly confessed over the phone, bracing himself for Winry’s yell to pierce his ear.
“WHAT? A fight??? Ed, I just fixed your automail, and already you broke it??” she squealed, throwing a fit on the inside, ready to kill the phone, even though it was innocent. Ed cringed, holding the phone a foot or so away from his ear, until he heard nothing. He slowly returned the phone to his ear.
“Hello….? Winry, you there?”
“I swear Ed, sometimes I wish I could rip your head off…”
“Then…you’ll come?”
“I guess I have no choice, do I?” she said, sounding pretty annoyed with him.
“Thanks Winry. Really, I appreciate it.”
“Whatever, but I’m making sure to charge you extra for making me go all the way out there!!! See you soon Ed!” she mused, slamming the phone on to its hook, prancing off to prepare a suitcase, as Ed sulked back to his room.


Winry screamed until her lungs felt near giving out, clutching her head in a supposed agonized state. She stared at his limp arm, watching a spring in the shoulder pop and flimsily bounce about as Ed rubbed his head with his good arm.

“You told me on the phone that it wasn’t THAT bad!!! Ed, it’s completely limp!! And look! The arm grill is dented in three places! THREE!!!”
“Ah, come on. It’s not so bad! I could have gotten it blown off like that last time!”

Suddenly, Ed completely regretted what he said, finding Winry’s once compassionate, concerned eyes turn black with rage.

“Shutting up….” Ed said in a whimper, almost hiding from her. She growled, sitting down in a chair next to his bed, sighing the comment away.
“But…other than your arm…Ed, you really did get hurt bad. And Al too…”
“It’s okay, Winry. We deal with this a lot, right Al? No big deal!”

Alphonse looked up from his corner, a strange silence about him, even when Winry arrived in the room. He looked behind her, spotting Broche. Ed started getting concerned when he didn’t answer. Normally he’d be the first to reassure their old friend of negativity.

“Al? Al, are you sure you’re okay?”
“Like you care!”

Ed looked as if he’d been stabbed, staring at his younger brother, and even though it couldn’t be seen through his eyes, he felt the anger pouring off of him. Winry looked completely shocked, staring at who she thought was Alphonse Elric when she walked in. Ed slid to the end of the bed. Winry started to say something, but Ed stopped her.

“It’s alright. Here, Al. Let me fix you up, okay?”

Winry pulled out the metal scraps she had brought in, and Ed dragged over the pieces Broche and Ross collected from storage. He placed them around Al and slapped his hands together, touching his brother’s cold surface. It was extremely awkward, especially from Al’s sudden outburst.

The young boy’s arm formed from the air as metal pieces started disappearing from the pile that was arranged, and soon his legs were created too. Ed took a step back, smiling half heartedly, Winry taking his arm until he sat on the end of the bed again. Winry couldn’t stay quiet any longer.

“A-Al….why would you say that?” she asked in a quiet voice. She then turned back to Edward. “Wait, are you two fighting?”
“Not that I know of……..Al, is something wrong?”
“It doesn’t matter!”
“It matters to me! I’m your older brother, damnit!”
“Oh, really? How do I know that? What if when you put me in this shell of a body, you just made me believe it to be so? What if Winry, Pinako….what if you’re all in on it, and have been lying to me this whole time?!” He wailed, standing up and showing his intimidating height to his ‘brother’. Ed looked up at him with a stern face.
“You….that’s what you’ve been mad about?? That’s what you think-“
“What else am I supposed to think? Back in Risembool, you told me how scared you were to tell me a secret about my body. And wouldn’t you know it, you brought it up RIGHT after I told you I was having problems remembering things. So maybe, everything I’ve ever done, all the people I supposedly loved from childhood, are just fake! And mom! She’s fake too, isn’t she?!”
“That’s enough!” Ed suddenly yelled, standing up, only an inch or so away from Al’s metal chest. Al instantly stiffened, but then decided to fight back. He grabbed Ed’s shirt collar, pulling him up somewhat. Winry hit his arm, feeling close to tears.
“What are you thinking?! Stop this, put him down!” she sobbed. Ed let his feet leave the ground a little. Under normal circumstances, he probably would have killed Al for doing it, mostly because it showed how small he really was, compared to everyone else.
“How could you even contemplate such a thing…?” Ed asked, his voice suddenly low. “How could you think….that I would make up mom…and you…?”

All the while, Winry continued to try and loosen his fist on Ed’s shirt, until finally Alphonse dropped him. Winry stared in shock, as Al turned around, going to the doorway.

“I’ll…I’ll be on the roof for a while.” He said monotone, Broche looking over to him, and instantly following the suggested command, following him just in case. As Broche walked out of the doorway, he suddenly jerked to the opposite direction, yipping and holding on to his arm. Ross gasped, going to him, only to do the same herself, several more gunshots ringing through the halls of the hospital, along with Al’s clinking armor.


Ed jumped up, seeing Al’s helmet roll into the doorway, and make a tink noise as it tapped the frame. He stumbled and fell over, but got right back up again.

“Winry, you stay put!” he yelled back, peeking out in the hall. He saw Al moving down the hall, until he was back by his head, placing it back on. He wailed as his body was thrown forward from an explosion, into Ed’s body, and hitting the bed, scraping it along the floors and out of place. Ed cried out from the pressure on his wounds, feeling Al’s weight jump off him in surprise.

“Ah- Ed! Ed, are you alright?” Winry blurted out, suddenly freezing when she felt the barrel of a gun tap the back of her head.
“Hands up! Now!” a gruff voice demanded. Ed stared up at the man; he was dressed in a military uniform, but definitely wasn’t with the military, judging by the clothing on his accomplices. Edward quickly hit the barrel aside, pushing Winry behind him as the gun returned, pressing on his forehead. He started to shake, inevitably scared, even if only a little.
“You keep away from her!” Ed yelled, staring at the man darkly, his arm trembling from Winry shaking so hard. “You leave her and my brother alone…”
“Brother? You mean the tin can?” he asked, looking up at Al as several other lackeys ran in and secured him into a corner. Al didn’t move, for fear the leader might shoot either Ed or Winry.

‘Wait…Why do I care about what happens to him? He is a liar after all…’ Al thought to himself, but stayed still for Winry.

“What do you want?” Ed asked, looking up at him. “Mr.…terrorist guy….?”
“My NAME is Oar.”
“Oar….that’s original, now if you don’t-“Ed gagged as a heavy steel-toed boot hit his stomach, his body slumping to the floor with a pained groan. Winry put her hands on his back as he started to push himself up.
“Don’t you DARE start making fun of me….It’ll be your last move, kid.” Oar stated, eyebrows furrowing. Ed stared up at his wrinkled, enraged eyes, clutching his wound and panting to try and forget the pain. “If you know what’s good for you, and for your friends, or family, or whatever they are…then you’ll cooperate, just like everyone else in this hospital is…”

Ed stared at him for a good while, furious, but unable to do anything else at the moment. There were far too many of their men in the building for him to even try. He wanted to fight more than anything, but was also smart about it. He sat up on his knees, regaining himself mostly.
“Alright…” he said shakily. “I’ll cooperate…”
“Good. On your stomach.” He ordered, and Ed obeyed. Winry couldn’t decide whether to watch Ed, or watch Oar, or even glance over at Al to see how he faired. She sat on her legs, trembling still, her eyes ready to cry, but for some reason she just wouldn’t let them out. Once Ed laid down, his ribs instantly disagreed with him, trying to force him to sit back up, but already another lackey had his knee flattening Ed’s body to the floor, grabbing his arms and pulling them behind his back. He took out the cord the group had since collected, wrapping it tightly around his wrists, mostly his metal one, securing it so tight it cut off circulation. Ed made a small pained noise, and then grunted as he was yanked up and pushed back on to the bed, Winry tugged up as well and pushed next to him.

“Since he’s pretty wounded, you’re in charge of taking care of him, got it?” Oar barked at her. She didn’t respond, staring down at Ed, still scared. “Hey! You hear me, bitch?!” he yelled, going to hit her.
“Don’t call her that!” Ed quickly kicked his automail leg out, hitting Oar in his right knee, making the man drop his gun, growling and grabbing where he was kicked. Two more men raced up, planting their gun barrels at Ed’s neck, nearly choking him and Winry threw herself over him.
“Wait, please!! I’ll…I’ll take care of him! Just please stop hurting him!” she squeaked, now letting her tears fall. The men nodded and backed up, but not before one struck the buck of his rifle into Ed’s neck, making him cough harshly, rolling on to his side. Both of the men laughed at him, making him feel even more ridiculous. Winry pulled his head into her lap, wrapping her arms over his chest. He could have flushed, but he felt safe, so didn’t bother to protest her protection.

Al stood speechless, watching the scene taking place in front of him, amazed that he didn’t move once to try and help. Before he could try to think of a way to stop this group, he plunged to the floor, suddenly seeing his arms and legs had been removed by the men, and thrown aside sloppily because of their weight. Oar looked around and nodded, taking a few men with him, and walking out into the hall with them. Ed started gasping for air again, watching them leave. Before a half an hour went by, screams could be heard throughout the entire hospital and gunshots sometimes too.

Most, Ed hoped, were just to scare the nurses and doctors…


Oar stalked the halls, going to individual rooms, and having pretty short conversations with the patients and staff. All the while, Ed sat himself up, waiting for the men to go in the hall, or even turn their back for a moment to try and get Winry to untie him. Thus far, they were solid as rocks in their place, standing in front of Al’s legs and arms like hound dogs. They stared in each direction, and Ed swore they weren’t even blinking!

He sat still, looking over at Al. He felt guilty for some reason. Maybe it was because he stood up to him for such a hurting subject? Or maybe it was what he said; either way he wasn’t sure, but it was eating at him.


His words got both Al’s and the guard’s attention. As long as they weren’t talking about a planned escape, they supposed it didn’t matter.

“Listen….I know you don’t want to, but please listen to me…Whatever it is you’re thinking, I don’t know how you got to thinking it, but it’s not true. I promise you as your brother, even if you don’t think we are related, that you’re not fake…Mom’s not fake, no one’s lying to you. No one has reason to lie to you; you’re the good kid.” He said with a light laugh. “I want you to believe what you want, not what we tell you. If you really believe that I’ve lied to you, then after this do what you want. Even if you want to beat me up-I know that’s what you used to want to do-then do it. I’m not going to fight with you and try to force you to think something that contradicts how you feel. I just swear I’m not lying to you, Al. You’re my littler brother-“


Oar’s voice. Ed looked over at the door, spotting Oar walking past the doorway.

“Fullmetal, I know you’re here! It says you’re signed in to this hospital, so you’d better talk-“
“I’m right here!” Ed yelled into the hall, in an irritated voice. He could hear the terrorist stop, and go back, entering the room. “I’m Edward Elric.”
“The Fullmetal-“
“Alchemist, yes. You could have just asked me in the first place…”
“You and me, we’ve got some things to discuss.” He said, snapping his fingers. The men who followed him previously came into the room, each one grabbing one of Ed’s arms and lifting him off the bed. Ed struggled the second his foot touched ground.
“AL! Al, no matter what happens, don’t let them hurt her! Don’t let them hurt you!” he yelled as quickly as he could, before chaliced fingers fisted into his hair and yanked. Oar pulled him along, forcing him to walk, when he could barely manage to stand.

Winry watched him get pulled out of the room, and then looked to Al, who kept a careful eye on the accomplices guarding his armor. If there was a way to get to them, he’d take it. The sound of Ed’s cry broke his concentration, however as a gun shot went off.


Alright, so yeah it is a bit of a cliffhanger, but that’s all the plot I conjured up. If I get good feedback, I might do another chapter, if not…well…then you get to sit and ponder what on earth happens. XDDD

So, I’m looking for constructive criticism here, mainly how I wrote the characters. Were they general in character, or definitely out of character? Try not to be too hard on me for Al. When I watched episode 23 he seemed REALLY pissed off, so I wanted to portray him as just that for now.

Also, I’m looking for spelling, grammar mistakes, maybe suggestions on certain parts of the story?

Anyways, I hope you liked it, and let me know~! ^_^


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