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Chapter 2 of my untitled Roy and Ed fic

Title: Unknown as of yet
Author: thepookybear
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13(for language and perverted!Roy)
Summary: I have lost a great many a reader to my I'll just put a preview. -_-

Roy hops off the bed and scurries over to the bathroom in a naked, one-surviving-socked frenzy.

Author's notes: Hello! This has got to be my favorite chapter so far. I have two others written down in my notebook...and hopefully I can can get them into my computer(but my head is currently killing me) I hope you like it--it's my first internet posted fanfic.(This is also a favorite chapter among everyone who've I've shown so hopefully you'll like it)

The strangely beautiful creature lies asleep on the brown sofa. The traditional blond braid is no where to be seen, yet Edward Elric unconsciously reaches another level of beauty with his hair down. Roy’s white and baby blue pajamas seem almost like a dress rather then a shirt. To leave the vision alone in the den seemed like a crime. But staying in the same room with him any longer and Roy Mustang would have committed a crime.

”I don’t…I’m scared…I don’t…want to be alone. The whole memory of those words, of Edward actually coming to him for help, sends chills down Roy’s spine. He always knew under that punk-ass façade was a scared child. Roy shifts in his bed, debating whether he should return to the teenager. Mustang allows a sigh to escape his lips before standing up and preparing for bed.


Roy snuggles against another warm body. His leg slides onto the foreign(yet welcomed) heat source. Roy’s dark eyes slither open as he buries his face in warm golden hair. Holy shit!! Roy thinks to himself as he suddenly awakens to Edward Elric in his bed. Edo still wore Roy’s pajamas but then in lays the problem—Edward wore Roy’s pajamas.

Presently, Roy Mustang’s only clothed part of his body was a sock. Not a pair. One singular sock that remained clinging for dear life during the night. Roy whimpers outwardly as Ed places an arm over Roy with a satisfied groan, his knee inching up and coming in contact with a part of Roy’s body it was not well acquainted to. Roy chews on his bottom lip with a stifled groan trying to pull himself away from the vortex known as Edward Elric.

Edward! Please have mercy…and let me the fuck go!! Roy thinks to himself as he slides Ed's arm off of him—inadvertently, and extremely unintentionally, rubbing against Ed’s knee once again. Roy hops off the bed and scurries over to the bathroom in a naked, one-surviving-socked frenzy.

Roy returns, fully-dressed after a nice, cold shower. Dark eyes meet still adjusting golden ones. A blank look grows on Roy’s face, letting out a sob. Edward yawns with a catlike stretch, curling into an upright position. Roy lets out whimper, the thought of another cold shower coming to mind. God must hate me. And here I thought I was straight. I mean, last time I checked I was straight…and not into teenage boys. Roy cries mentally, physically shaking his fist at the Heavens.

“What the hell are you doing?” Ed yawns rubbing the sleep from his eyes and curling the large comforter around him. Roy lets out another small cry before retreating back into the bathroom. Edward stares silently as he hears the resounding noise of another cold shower beginning. Is Mustang a germaphobe? Didn’t he already take a shower? I hope he doesn’t use all the hot water. Ed thinks to himself tilting his head to the side, shrugging to himself.

Roy emerges…again to an empty bedroom. His pajamas abandoned on the floor and bed completely messy. The whole scene reminds the dark eyed Colonel of numerous one night stands Roy participated in. Roy pauses that train of thought. “Fullmetal and one night stand in the same train of though…I never thought I’d see the day.” Roy mumbles to himself as he hears a soft noise behind him. Mustang turns around and looks down at Edward staring up at him with a piece of jam toast dangling from his mouth and an annoyed look dancing onto his face.

“Fwnally dome,” Ed says, toast quivering like a leaf in the wind as he spoke. Roy can’t help but smile at the sight of the blond. Ed places his hands on his hips with a sigh before Roy takes the piece of toast and begins finishing the overly buttered and sloppy jam toast. Roy reaches out for Edward, wiping away remnants of jam from the side of the teenager’s mouth.

“Take a shower…you smell!” Roy jokes, sending Fullmetal into a hissy fit. Roy smiles to himself as he listens to the bathroom door close behind him. Roy slithers back into his bedroom, opening his closet to the numerous amount of blue uniforms. In fact the only other pair of clothes Roy seems to own just happens to be the standard officer uniform.

“You need to think about a wardrobe change.” Edo laughs behind him alerting the Colonel into turning around. The short blond smiles devilishly, creeping over to the wide-eyed Colonel. Roy remains silent as the Fullmetal Alchemist pulls him down by the shoulders and begins lavishly kissing him. Edward leads, or more like pushes, Roy to the bed.

The blond stares down at the older man, opening his mouth to say. “Colonel bastard!” Roy blinks wildly to find himself standing by the closet. “Hey! Colonel bastard! Where the hell is you shampoo?! All there is conditioner and that gets my hair oily! And why the fuck do you have a fleet of rubber duckies under your bathroom sink?! And a bunch of water balloons? Aren’t you a little old for rubber duckies and water balloons?!” Ed screams from the bathroom. Roy remains silent. Water balloons? I don’t own wa…oh. Roy thinks to himself before coming to a scary conclusion.

Edward, he…he doesn’t know what a condom is!! Roy thinks to himself, stifling a laugh by biting his finger. This may be a problem. “It’s in the shower!” Roy shouts back before closing his bedroom door.


Edward stares into the clearing mirror with a look of content on his face. He brushes out his blond hair before pulling his hair into a tight ponytail and fixing his shirt collar that Roy recluently delivered. But it would have been a nightmare walking around that bastard’s townhouse in only a towel. Ed opens the door to Roy walking past in blue pants and white tank, his dark hair extremely messy.

“You want breakfast?” Roy asks with a smirk that usually sends Edward into a fit of anger. Ed shakes his head and walks past the cocky bastard who let him into his house the night before. He must have looked so pitiful, standing there in the rain—crying like a little…kid.

Edwards sits on the sofa; the sweet smell of pancakes and bacon reaching his nose. Mustang places two plates on the table, extremely tempted to put a fan near Ed’s pancakes to lure the teenager over faster, like one of those new cartoons. But right before he put that plan into action, Ed sulks over to the table; looking more like a wounded dog than a hungry teenager. The blond slides into his seat and begins a stare down with the pancakes.

“I’m sorry. Sorry…I’m such a kid.” Ed pauses from the ‘little’ remark, outwardly twitching but inwardly beating himself into a bloody pulp. “Sorry I interrupted your drinking binge and sneaking into your bed at night. You see…Al usally puts up with my shit. It…It was only a one time deal so you don’t have to worry about me coming down in the middle of the night. Because…be—“

Roy could have sworn he heard the boy’s heart stop beating as the Colonel interrupts Ed’s pitiful monologue with his lips. Roy allows Edward to finally breathe, watching the blond gasp for air. “Um…uh…what?” Ed asks completely speechless while staring up at Roy. Edward watches as Roy begins laughing uncontrollably.

“Your…fuc…fucking face!! Goddamn Edward! Priceless!” Roy laughs, hiding his face in his hands. Ed growls softly forgetting all about Mustang’s action and more about the bastard’s reaction. Ed runs his hand through his blond hair. After a while, Roy’s laughter dies down and he meets Edward’s ferious golden eyes.

The blond glares at the near blushing Colonel. The room fills with an awkward silence that would make Envy uncomfortable. Roy scoots under Ed’s unending, uncomfortable glare patting the blond’s head. “We’ll have to leave soon.” Roy says extremely tempted to kiss the boy again…or take another cold shower before having to face the others at work. Ed watches as Roy leaves before following after the older man, his bright red coat trailing after him.


“I called Hawkeye to send a car,” Mustang says to the blond alchemist who glares up at him. Ed stares…and Roy stands back with an amused look on his face.

“Don’t you know how to drive?” Ed asks causing the Colonel’s eyebrows to quirk up.

“It’s a shame not to flaunt my power as a Colonel. I worked hard for minions.” Roy jokes as Ed sits on the guard rail with an amused smile on his face.

“Minions? You’re too cocky for your own good. You were probably too lazy to get a driver’s lisence.” Ed says, his eyes almost glowing as his smile goes from amused to devilish. Roy turns to deliver another one of the infamous ‘short’ comments but Edward avenges his stolen first kiss with another. Roy’s breath leaves him as he watches the blond hop into the car, looking over his shoulder with a cocky grin on his face.

Havoc quirks an eyebrow with an amused smile growing around his cigarette. The blond taking simple joy from the look of discomfort on Mustang’s face. Although there was the overbearing awkwardness between the two state alchemist who were sitting in the backseat, Havoc said nothing at all.

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