Mariah (r_enoah) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Starting a scantalation team - please post any requests you may have here.

The purpose of this post is exactly as the title states – if there's anything FMA-related that you'd like scantalated, please request so here.

prides_tears and I have started a two-person scantalation team, her being the main translator and myself being the editor and co-translator. Being the atrociously addicted fans of FMA that we are, we've decided to share the love and whore offer ourselves out as scantalators to anyone who has any goodies.

Yuko is a native Japanese speaker and myself a decent editor, so we're fairly confident that our scantalations are of acceptable quality.

Examples of a project we're currently working on can be found here, here, and here (the last picture looks crappy as it is saved in .bmp format because otherwise it was too large for image hosts, and the second picture is resized to two thirds its original size for the same reason, so they are not as good quality as the real finished product will be. We'll save all our work as high-quality .png or .jpg files and we plan to put our finished work into .zip files so that they don't have to be resized). Please be patient, as the images are large and may take a bit to load. The scans and translations are by Yuko. The editing is by me.

The point is, if you have anything you'd like us to scantalate – doujinshi, extras or booklets, interviews, or even just random pages you've found floating around the fandom, please say so here – as long as you provide the raw image and it's readable, we'll do it. And yes, NC-17 stuff is cool too. :b

Timeframes depend on the size of the request – one-two pages we can have done in a day or two, whileas an entire doujinshi could take a larger amount of time.

Mods, we're not totally clear if this is allowed, so if it's a no-no, please drop us a line. I do not know if this should be friends-locked, so I will leave it public for now; please inform me if you know. (:

Watashi Tachi no Team wa Suzushiku Nai is in business! And yes, we know that our name makes no sense, STFU. :D

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