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Misery Hates Company


Some questions mention the death of a character.
Answers will probably contain spoilers, so questions are under the cut.

I'm not looking for long explanations, just a simple straight forward answer. ^-^ Try to keep spoiler-filled details to a minimum.

First, I was wondering if we ever find out what Wrath's actual age is? I've heard that he's a little younger than Ed, but I've also heard that he's Ed's age.
Next, the episode involving Hughes' death - at the end Ed sees Hughes waving through the train window. This has caused an issue with some of my more competitive friends who are now debating whether or not Ed already knows that Hughes is dead.
What I'm wondering is if/when the Elrics find out about Maes being killed, and if/when they find out whether or not there's any indication that Ed was already aware. -.- These debates are too heated to go on for much longer...
Here's a simple straight forward question for you:
Does Tucker die?
Now as much as curiosity has me wondering about some other characters, I don't like all kinds of spoilers so I'm going to restrain myself and simply ask one more question.
I've heard that Kimbley dies. If that's true, can someone tell me how?
(It may seem obvious to some people but you would not believe the hypothesis that's been developed over here.)

Thanks to anyone that helps!
Stupid debates. I hate spoilers... this is the last time I share my fandom with anyone. *grumble*

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