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Roy and Ed Fic(first time nice...please)

Title: Unknown as of yet
Author: thepookybear
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13(for language)
Summary: I have lost a great many a reader to my I'll just put a preview. -_-

Hughes remains silent, a smile plastered on his face. “Are you crying up there, Maes?”

FullMetal Alchemist: Untitled

Chapter 1: Dogs of the Military

“Fucking Bastard!!” Edward Elric growls slamming the office door behind him and storming down the hall. Alphonse clanks heavily behind him, attempting to catch up with his older brother—who strangely remains a flustered mess. Edward lets out a short, dying growl before colliding with Fuery as he turns the corner.

“Brother! Major! Are you alright?” Alphonse asks with a concerned tone in his voice as he helps his older brother up. Fuery scrambles on the ground to pick up all the scattered papers and looking up at a rather angry-looking alchemist who brushes himself off.

“Oh…you went to the Colonel’s office, didn’t you? I would have warned you before hand—if I saw you, that is.” Fuery apologetically says before Ed just shrugs, stuffing his hands inside his coat pockets and starting down the hall in a strangely quiet huff.

“What exactly is going on?” Al asks the mousy officer who looks up at the lunking armor with a puzzled look on his pale face.

“Edward didn’t tell you? He and Roy have to—“ Fuery explains with a meek smile just imagining the two legendary alchemists working together.

“So they are finally calling the ‘Dogs of the Military’ to the front lines. Brother…maybe you can put a file in for a desk job. Fuery and Scieska might need some help and it’ll get you outta the front lines.” Al says as Ed lays face down on the bed. By his feet rests a nicely folded blue uniform.

“No, I signed up for this, Al. We knew that risk.” Ed says into the pillow before looking up at his brother. Alphonse shakes his head putting a metal hand on his big brother’s back as a small sign of comfort. Al…I’m scared. Ed begins to cry, trying to stop his tears by burying his face into the pillow.

“Don’t worry, Brother. Just try to sleep it off.” Alphonse whispers covering a crying Edward with blankets and walking over to the book shelf to preoccupy himself with a couple new novels Edward recently bought.

~Next Day~

After a morning of struggling to get the blue uniform onto the infamous State Alchemist, Edward Elric; the blond emerges from the dorms wearing the standard issue uniform. Ed quickly fastens his trademark braid after catching his breath. The flustered blond glares back at his younger brother who stuffs his red trenchcoat into his armor. The suit of armor remains at a safe distance along with many of civilians. A cheering crowd of Edward Elric cosplayers grow louder to gain the FullMetal Alchemist’s attention.

Edward attempts to hide his fears from the rest of the officers as he straightens up; beside him Roy and Hawkeye keeping a closer eye on the inexperienced blond during the Furher’s ceremonial pre-war speech. The already small teenager seems to shrink as the speech, sluggishly and tortuously, goes on. Roy’s dark eyes falter over to the youth’s shadowed form, Edward’s own blue hat shadowing his emotions. The cheering crowd of Edo fans only seem to make matters worse, as Roy could see Edo visibly cringe.

“Don’t worry,” Roy whispers placing his gloved hand on Fullmetal’s shoulder. The older man cringes at the thought of Edo going off on him for touching him, how he was not a child any longer; but the dark eyed man is only receives a slight shudder from the teenager. The Furher excuses the officers shortly after and Edo follows meekly behind Mustang, remaining uncharacteriscally silent.

“Edward!” Al shouts, clanking over to the pair. The blond looks over his shoulder at his younger brother before forcing a smile to his face. Alphonse allows an unneeded sigh escape before shaking his head and hitting Edo over the head. “Brother, don’t give up! Maybe…maybe you can escape to Risembool!”

“Al…” Ed says but Alphonse keeps going about a plan for Edward’s escape. Edward remains silent, staring at his feet before squaring his jaw and looking up at his younger brother with a regrettable determination. “Alphonse! It’s done! We…I can’t leave. But Al—you get out of Central. There’s no need for you to be here and you can’t go with me. So go…” Alphonse, along with several onlookers who know how close the Elric brothers were, remain silent as Edward points down the hall. “Just take a couple books and go!”

“Come back, big brother. In one piece…you’re already broken enough.” Al places a metal hand on his older brother’s shoulder and clanks off down the hall. Edward stands in the hall, hanging his head and shielding his face as he makes his way back to a lonely dorm room.

I always end up…alone. Ed thinks to himself as he stares up at the dorm room ceiling, blond hair unraveled and cushioning his head. Ed closes his eyes as he attempts to stop tears.

The hand seemed to reach for eternity from the deformed, reanimated corpse—the result of a child’s wish to bring back the only other person he loved more then his younger brother. “M…Mom…” Ed whimpers in pain holding his hand to his bloody stump of a leg to stop the unending bleeding. Edward sobs hopefully as his eyesight begins to clear up along with the smoke that hid his mistake from his innocent eyes. The inhuman shrill sends shivers down the young boy’s spine and he screams to the rafters, and to a god who abandoned two young boys, with a sobbing cry.

Edward sits up in his bed with a terrified glow in his eyes. Golden eyes skim the room for the welcoming metal glow of Alphonse’s armor. “Al?” Ed asks the darkness shakily before laying back down and attempting to fall asleep once again. But behind his eyes lay that thing waiting his return. Ed shoots back up with a whimper before stumbling to his feet and shakily hurrying over to the door. “I don’t wanna be alone.”

The lightning streams across the crying sky and from the window of Colonel Roy Mustang’s warm townhouse; everything seems right in the world. Roy chuckles to himself as he takes another sip from bourbon. “It always seems to rain the night before we head out.” Roy says to the ghost sitting across from him that he pleasantly started a conversion with an hour before. Hughes remains silent, a smile plastered on his face. “Are you crying up there, Maes?”

The silence between Roy and the photo almost seems to be an answer. “It rained that night too.” Roy says with a reminiscent glow as he finishes the rest of the cup. With a slow groan he gets up and heads over to the bar. A frantic knocking brings the almost-drunk Flame Alchemist back to reality. “Who the hell is here at this time of night?” Roy groans as he starts towards the door; ice clanking softly in the empty glass as he opens the door.

The pitiful sight standing beyond the door only seems to make Roy’s drive to kill himself through unintentional alcohol poisoning, stronger. Sad golden eyes meet his almost-drunken dark eyes and before Roy can say anything he finds himself with a rather short alchemist attached to him. The glass falls out of his hand as Roy awkwardly pats Edward’s back. “I…I don’t…I ‘m scared…I don’t…want to be alone.” Ed solemnly admits his defeat, muffled by Roy’s chest.

Roy remains silent as he wraps his arms around Ed’s shaking form, closing the door behind them with his foot.

Thank you for your time!!!

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