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5th Candle!

I'm back! and thanks to minusxplusleotp for covering the 4th candle for me.
My previous candles are : 1st candle- Hughes, 2nd candle- Ed, 3rd candle- Winry

But today we have something different.  We don't want to be racist here. Nobody said you have to be human to light Chanuka candles...

  Yep.  It's the Doors of Truth.

This time I was going more for concept, less for technicality.  Which you can see if you look at the amazing detail that I put into the doors...
And I am happy to announce that I probably won't need to miss any more days, since I have successfully finished all the days. XD
(On a random note- if you notice what song I'm listening to, it's just because my friend is here and singing it over...and over...and over...)


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