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Alter ego to foreverlight

Overdosed on CA crack

Crack_alchemist has been steadily supplying me with crack from her stories: GWF and Battlefield. As a result, I've made some crack icons that tell a little story. I promised her some more icons and figured I should share them with everyone else as well.

This first set, some of you may have already seem if you've read GWF. I thought I'd go ahead and post it here for those who haven't seen them.

Story 1

Havoc shouldn’t steal crack

1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by 3.Image hosted by 4.Image hosted by 5.Image hosted by 6.Image hosted by 7.Image hosted by

If you can't read the words or can't tell who said what, this is what they should say:

1. Riza: Not now. I’ve got a report about your crack.
2. Roy: What do you mean we’re out of crack?
Riza: I told you. Havoc took it all.
3. Roy: Where’s my crack, Havoc?
Havoc: Umm...I smoked it.
4. Riza: How much did you smoke?
Havoc: All of it.
5. Choose Havoc: Gun or Fire?
6. Havoc: All of this because I smoked your crack!
7. Havoc-killed for stealing crack

Story 2

Don’t ever take Ed’s crack

8.Image hosted by 9.Image hosted by 10.Image hosted by 11.Image hosted by 12.Image hosted by 13.Image hosted by
14.Image hosted by 15.Image hosted by 16.Image hosted by 17.Image hosted by 18.Image hosted by

8. Ed: Where’s my crack?
9. Havoc: Not this again.
10. Havoc: I don’t have it.
Ed: Then who took it.
11. Ed: I know who took it.
12. Envy: Bean, want your crack?
13. Envy: How do you want it served?
14. Ed: I prefer it finely you.
15. Envy: Wait, Bean, you can have it back!
16. Gluttony: But you said that I could eat it all.
17. Envy: You didn’t.
18. Ed: Great now I’m going to have to steal some from the colonel’s stash.

Sorry that Envy was a bit...speckled. It was the best I could get the picture. Anyways I hope that you like them. You can take the icons, if you want. Although I don't know why you would, most of them don't make any sense by themselves. I've already madethe next three stories. I just need to upload the icons. Story 3 revolves around Scar. Story 4 revolves around Maes. Story 5 involves the trio: Roy, Riza, and Maes.

Credit mainly goes to Arakawa since I mostly used the manga and anime pictures. The other pictures, I have no idea where I got them from. So if they are your picture or you know who drew them, tell me so I can properly credit them.

See ya!

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