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I hope everyone so far is having a great holiday season, got to eat a lot of good food and received many presents.

fma_sins A new (okay, not exactly new, per se, but rather, DEAD, because I haven't got around to pimping it yet) Fullmetal Alchemist icontest community. You'll receive a theme every Friday night, and will be allowed one week to make an icon for that theme. So, what's different about this community? Unlike others, it's not a hush or lyrical community; we're focusing on the homonculus in Fullmetal Alchemist. That means, the icon that is submitted needs to feature a homonculus or a part of them; for instance, Gluttony's tongue or something. Please do join! First challenge starts once there are 15 members.

bishie_box Yes! Another bishie claiming community! It's fairly new, and... cool. Yes, it is, believe me. Unlike most claiming communities, bishie_box offers banners for your claims to flaunt put in your userinfo. So, if you are thinking about JOINING, make sure you read the RULES first, then check the CLAIMS LIST =)
In case anyone was wondering, the only bishies from FMA that are claimed as of now, are Edward and Alphonse Elric =D

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