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All I Want for Christmas - Chapter 5 [RoyxEd]


It’s about a day late than I had planned, and I apologize a kajillion times for that! But, it’s here now (finally) and so now I have this little thing off my back. I’m probably going to go take a nice, long, warm bubble bath later…

This chapter contains fluff. Be prepared to be aww’d. (Also, this chapter’s song is intentionally the song of the fic’s title.)

Title: All I Want for Christmas
Rating: Overall, PG.
Genre: Yaoi, Christmas, Romance, Drama.
Pairing: Roy Mustang and Edward Elric.
Warnings: Yaoi / shonen-ai… Yup, totally a worksafe and light-hearted story.
Summary: There was only one thing Ed truly wanted for Christmas this year.

Chapter Summary: “Ah, I’m just teasing. I’ll keep my distance from the ladies then, if it makes you happy. If they approach me, then I’ll just have to tell them I have the cutest little partner waiting for me at home.” Roy winked.

Little, did you say?”

“That’s what makes you so cute.”

Previous Chapters:
Chapter One: Let it Snow
Chapter Two: Blue Christmas
Chapter Three: Decorate
Chapter Four: Christmas List

( Final chapter zomg! )

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