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Cosplay? XD;

W0ot. My deadly attempt of cosplay.. XD;; I have attempted Roy ones too.. but.. I didn't dress like him, nor am I even close enough to be tall as him to actually look like him. I can possibly pull off Hawkeye though, I'll do it one day when I'm bored and willing to huck on that ugly, itchy uniform. XD;;

So.. brace yourself. -WARNING: Horrible attempts ahead, look at your own risk.-

Oh yeah, my face, but but.. eye candy in the corner. If you can't tell who my favourite character is after this, you're stupid.

Me as Ed! Yep.. covering my face again, just incase..

Blargh. I'm ugly-er than usual- in this one, I just wanna show you my cheap ass automail.

Haha. This is me being Ed in the morning. XD; I forgot my automail, and look, I'm doing a bad job of stripping.

Yeap, attempting Ed again. No arm, no leg.. That's not my bed, btw. Whose is it then? Erm well, it *IS* blue...

Attempting Hughes in the wrong uniform. Lmao. Tha'ts my cadet notebook btw, if you have good eyes -or really smart- you'll know who that is. No, those aren't my glasses. Damn, I look scary smiling don't I? XD;;

You can call this a Hughes attempt or not. This is just me in uniform, flashin' my crazy picture of Roy. Yes.. I really do attack my fellow cadets with that picture..I'm serious, do you want to see teh beautiful, mysterious and sexy smug spark of mineee? Lol

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