auralenafrost (auralenafrost) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Grave Robbers

This is part of a series of short fics that fit into this novelishly massive storyline I have for my FMA characters. The others can be found in my journal. . . The sequel to this is incomplete, but what I have so far is posted under "Grave Diggers." Comment and give suggestions, if you would be so kind, and I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

This is an anime/manga/Bluebird's illusion crossover, by the way- Pride is Ed, but Dante is included along the line and so is Hohenheim and yadda yadda... Yeah, you kinda have to read it to get it.

Anyways, Brenna Mustang is obviously Roy Mustang's younger sister. She's the Electric Alchemist, though Roy calls her Sparky because it ticks her off majorly and he finds it amusing. Of course, this is a bit angsty... I really need to put more stuff about what their relationship was like when he wasn't dead.....

[Let the Bodies Hit the Floor]

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