Branch (branchandroot) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic arc--Seishin, Hawkeye and Mustang thread

I suppose first love never really lets you go. Just when you think you've escaped, the muses drag you back. Back again with fic.

Author: Branch
Arc Title: Seishin
Genre: Drama with Romance
Overall Rating: PG-13ish

Notes: Anime continuity, contains spoilers for the entire series. I do, however, ignore the movie.

Summary: Things Mustang and Hawkeye find to do with their lives, post-series. Individual summaries follow with the links for individual stories.

Real Summary: Mustang and Hawkeye both have to deal with finding new careers, as the country has to adjust to a new government. In the process, their differences in viewpoint and background begin to surface.

This arc has three threads to it. Once More ... Dear Friends is Mustang's pov. Counterpoint is Hawkeye's pov. And Side Scenes are storylets from the perspective of other characters. Some of the parts happen at the same time as other parts; those are noted individually on each story.

Once More ... Dear Friends: Prologue. Roy wakes up in the hospital

Once More ... Dear Friends: Chapter One. Roy recovers and Lisa keeps watch.

Counterpoint: Unresigned. Lisa gives her old job the boot, much to the puzzlement of those around her.

Once More ... Dear Friends: Chapter Two. What does a career soldier do when he loses his career? And what do his friends do about him?

Counterpoint: Breaking Eggs. Lisa gets some good advice from Gracia.

Side Scene: The Best. The husband and wife conspiracy team.

Counterpoint: Deadly Force. Some reflections, while Hawkeye cleans her guns.

Side Scene: Housewarming. Havoc watches and worries a bit about his friends while moving them in.

Counterpoint: Pick Up Sticks. Lisa chooses a new direction to move in.

Once More ... Dear Friends: Chapter Three. Roy comes to some realizations and starts to move again.

Counterpoint: Trading. Lisa goes back to her roots.

Once More ... Dear Friends: Chapter Four. Roy stirs things up and gets a new job.

Once More ... Dear Friends: Chapter Five. Team Mustang dives into politics.

Counterpoint: Home Office. Lisa unveils her own new job.

Once More ... Dear Friends: Chapter Six. Lisa and Roy reach an understanding.

Side Scene: Only Tactics. Hakuro reflects grimly on Mustang's influence.

Side Scene: Research. Ross fields some odd questions from her new boss.

Counterpoint: Previous Experience. Lisa gets tired of waiting and coaxes Roy into bed. Smut, R

Side Scene: Another Round. Havoc teases a happy Lisa.

Once More ... Dear Friends: Chapter Seven. Their world has changed.

The end for now. I'm not sure the arc is really over, but these three threads are finished.

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