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Right before my Christmas Break, I made cookies, shaped like Roy, Ed and Al, for all my friends. Only three of my friends actually watch FMA, so only they knew who was who. T__T

I think next year I'm going to hand out candcanes, lol.

Anyway, I took some pics of the cookies before I took them to school. Tell me how deformed you think they are XD


This Ed cookie got an air bubble on his crotch when he baked. It might be hard to see, but me and my friends found it funny as hell.
Image hosted by

Here's Roy! With hardly any detail!
Image hosted by

Here's Roy with a deformed smirk!
Image hosted by

Everyone thought Ed was a girl ;_; I couldn't help it that red foord dye and white frosting make pink!
Image hosted by

My mom made Ed's braid (since I have no talent for this kinda thing)
Image hosted by

This Al came out with a god mouth, but his loin cloth is round!
Image hosted by

Everyone thought Al was a ghost! This one though...yeah, I can see it.
Image hosted by

One of my friends is a major 'Hello Kitty' fan, and since Al himself is such a cat lover I thought I'd make hr a special Al. I gave him a kitty mouth and drew a cat face (meant to be Hello Kitty) in place of a loin cloth. She said Kitty looked like Yoda (I can see it)
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