Chex (dragonalchemist) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fanart of the alternate kind

Yes. *cough*

I think this takes some explaining.

Based on an RP in which many things happen. I think a cut is necessary, just in case.

LOTS of stuff happens, ending up with Envy changing sides to hang with Winry (go fig.), Ed and Roy finding out that they are the ultimate OTP they have feelings for each other, the killing of Alphonse, and a few sins, etc, etc, finally up to the point that they go to take on Father.

Yeah. So... Roy (and winry [long story]) get turned into half-homunculus'... and it's just really, really weird. But after reading chapter 54, we've decided that we're not as cracked as we thought we were. Go fig again.

ANYway. Roy gets turned into Debauchery (shut up. It's hard to come up with more sin names). Yesh. Able to fling massive amounts of sharp, pointy things at whoever he wants. Think... Akabane from Get Backers. Only cooler. And more sexy. XD

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