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Big Huge request for anyone with FMA Episodes on their computer, is there any chance of ripping me any clips of Roy/Hughes together whether it be a sad/happy/tragic moment between the both of them,It's for a AMV I'm making for my brother who's currently in hospital, he had a stroke on X-mas eve and I feel so utterly useless not being able to help him, since I live so far away from hin and I can't get down there because I don't drive. So I want to make something as a tribute to him instead...I know he's not really into anime at all well unless you count some of the really old stuff, That and the fact I've never really introduced Anime to him. Anyone who'd be able to help me out I'd be indebted to you for life...

Also another subject before I forget,One of my X-mas pressies was a Paid account and since then I've been uploading icons to the thing like crazy,Some of the icons I haven't given proper credit to and since I know I must have gotten a fair few fromhere I'd like to know who to give credit for ^-^" Thanks again.



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