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Merry Christmas!!!

...Now, we shall commence the Twelve Days After Christmas. Yes, there is a song of the twelve days after christmas. Quite a funny song, I'll upload the mp3 of it you want me to.

The first day after Christmas
My Edward and I had a fight
And so I tore up all his books
And burned them just for spite
And through means that are unknown
I smashed the Philosopher’s Stone

Oh Edward, Oh Edward, Oh Edward gave to me

The second day after Christmas
I pulled out all my trusty screws
I dismantled his arm and leg
And now he cannot move!

Oh Edward, Oh Edward, Oh Edward gave to me

The third day after Christmas
Dear Aunty caught the croup
I had to use three chimeras
To make some chicken soup!

The four talking beans were a big mistake
For their language was obscene!
The five alchemists were completely fake
And they turned my blonde hair green!

The sixth day after Christmas
The six state watches wouldn’t work
I had to dismantle the lot
And added my own quirks!
On the seventh day, what a mess I found
All seven of the homunculi had drowned!

Oh Edward, Oh Edward, Oh Edward gave to me

The eighth day after Christmas, before they could suspect
I bundled up the
Eight long-range rifles
Nine serial killers
Ten family photos
Eleven dogs of war
Twelve Xing immigrants
(Well, actually, HE kept one of the immigrants! *gasp*)
And sent them back collect!

I wrote dear Edward, “We are through, now!”
And I said in so many words
“Further more your Christmas gifts were for the BIRDS!!”
(Four talking beans, three chimeras, two metal limbs, and the Philosopher’s Stone!)

Original Lyrics

This was too fun to sing back in the days of Childrens Choir *sigh* Umm...Yeah, it ended up being Winry singing it to Ed, so it could be EdWin or not xD Hope you all enjoyed it!
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