scimitarsmile (scimitarsmile) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Find the Moon - ch6

No, I'm not kidding. I really did write another 5500 words in the space of about five hours. And I even got the living room clean, and did the dishes, and walked the dogs! Actually, if anyone's wondering just how possessed I am, I write for a living. It's just that I also write fanfic as a way to take a break from writing original fiction...which I guess is kinda like a busman's holiday, isn't it. Hrm.


ch6, because Sol types too fast

Incidentally, I've made edits since putting the version up on LJ. You can read here, or you can wait until I've uploaded the final version on Scimitar, probably sometime tomorrow mid-day. Up to you, but if you see repetitions (a huge flaw of mine when moving too quickly and this brainburnt with inspiration), feel free to point them out, but I've caught most of them, I think. Remains/remaining, cuffs, platform, seat...but there's probably more.


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