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All I Want for Christmas - Chapter 4 [RoyxEd]

This chapter is sort of bittersweet for me because I’m glad I finished but frustrated that I’m only now finishing it on Christmas Eve. I guess I’ve been busier than I realized, I didn’t even remember that Christmas was so close…

This chapter’s song (My Grown Up Christmas List) actually has to do with things such as wars, broken hearts and the loneliness and how presents and toys can’t help them. Instead, what will really help those in need is to be kind and caring for the people around you. However, while searching for a song that fic I found that the verse that I used sort of mixed in with regards to Ed’ point of view.

I think there will only be one more chapter after this. I had thought it would turn out longer when I first started, but I guess stress and schoolwork proved that wrong. x_X But, I suppose five chapters is better than just one.

Title: All I Want for Christmas
Rating: Overall, PG.
Genre: Yaoi, Christmas, Romance, Drama.
Pairing: Roy Mustang and Edward Elric.
Warnings: Yaoi / shonen-ai… Yup, totally a worksafe and light-hearted story.
Summary: There was only one thing Ed truly wanted for Christmas this year.
Disclaimer: (I swear this was always here. *shifty eyes*) I dun own FMA. If I did, anyone who ever watched it would probably smash their television right there and then... oh me oh my.

Chapter Summary: “It’s wonderful, Ed. Thank you.”

“I’m glad. You don’t have enough informal clothes.” Ed lifted his eyes back up to gaze into Roy’s dark ones. “And Roy? I have… something to tell you.”

Previous Chapters:
Chapter One: Let it Snow
Chapter Two: Blue Christmas
Chapter Three: Decorate

( Fake cuts everywhere! Also, sorry for my ridiculously long author's notes... )

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