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Frosty the Snowman(Fullmetal style)

Alphonse the Metalman
Was armor with a soul
With a circle in his neck
and he has no nose
and a body that was hollow

Alphonse the Metalman
Is a ironman they say
He's made of metal
and he tries to settle
with losing his body that day

Well, there must have been some magic
in those limbs that Edward gave
for when he took that suit of armor
and made it Alphonse's slave

Alphonse the Metalman
Was as alive as he could be
and people say
He could laugh and play
Until he lost his memory

Alphonse the Metalman
Knew that they had failed that day
so he said lets go
and you never know
I might get my body back one day

Down to the city
with that red glare in his eye
Running low and high
from the Homunculi
Saying "AHHHH, I'm gonna die".

He ran through the streets in town
Right to his brother's side
When he saw him crying against a wall
saying that poor Nina died

Alphonse the Metalman
Went looking for the stone
Cause he and Ed
Are halfway dead
And metal to the bone

Chingedy Ching Ching
Chingedy Ching Ching
Look at Alphonse go
Chingedy Ching Ching
Chingedy Ching Ching
looking for the stone

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