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Haha... I haven't actually posted here before, but I'm a long-time stalker... I present to the wonderful fandom of FMA, plushieMunich!Ed crack! :D;;;
I ran around my house one really boring Sunday morning while I was alone and took pictures of him doing random stuff. Lucky thing is, I had an episode of FMA taped from the night before or something... XD This was back in October, so there's still leaves on the ground, and yeah. ^^;; Have fun.
(I don't think there are any spoilers, but either way it's behind a cut :D)

Yaaaay! It's Ed in the box that he arrived in! :D (Don't mind my messy kitchen and table in the background... >.>)

Well, it's Sunday, so Ed has to follow tradition by reading the Sunday comics.

..And then Ed decided to put aside alchemy to play the piano instead! :D (Notice that the two songs there are Beaming Sunlight and Brat'ja XD I'mnotobsessedshush)

Ed, noooo! Not for breakfast!

Ed decides to relax and put his feet up by sitting with the two monster kitties that love him ever so much.


Oh boy, Ed's favorite show is on! What is it? Fullmetal Alchemist! Yaaaay!

Ed decides to go exploring outside! Woo-hoo!

adflnadfnsgksdsdf;asd;fasd nooooooo!

Ed poses up in a tree. Isn't that cute.
(my friend: "he looks distressed, angry, and as if he's stuck and can't get out")

That's it. XD Don't mind my VERY messy house... XD So these pictures were taken like, three months ago but I never got to uploading them so... XD There you go. If you really like them, maybe I'll do it again... XD;;; -falls over-

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