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Title: The City of Lights and Dreams
Pairing: Roy x Ed (woohoo! Finally! XD)
Rating: PG-13 (some cursing, shounen ai situations)
Warnings: Spoilers I suppose, though I'm not following the series storyling or manga storyline, it's kind of just...there ._. There's some shounen ai, nothing down and dirty, but definitely implied.
Summary: While Ed heals, he decides he's going to give Mint a hard time. And one thing you never do...is give a hooker a hard time. Pep talk, anyone? Ed also spends time reminiscing on his time he used to have with Roy.

Chapter 1: Have a Heart for a Hooker

December, Paris 1925

Two months had already passed, and still Edward’s condition hadn’t changed much. If anything, it became worse. His voice was entirely gone, and his body had close to no movement. He was bed ridden the entire nine weeks or so, his life utterly, and literally draining away from him. He was thinner now, his muscles refusing to work when his mind begged them to. Ed could have remembered the military days, when he was known as the hero of the people, the Fullmetal Alchemist. But in the end, it would only depress him, so there was no point in it.
Mint’s attitude, on the other hand, was almost constantly chipper, even when she had to work late nights to keep the two supported. With the horrid inflation at the time, it was hard enough, but still she kept smiling and doing what she was paid for. It didn’t matter how vulgar this employment was, and it almost sickened Ed how she didn’t care. He hoped to god that she had never been impregnated. Despite her job, and regular life, Mint had taken notice to his almost constant need for water. His throat was so dry, probably the reason why he couldn’t speak, and even coughing was hoarse on his part. Luckily, she got off work early enough most days to make it home, saving him from dehydration. Another thing she noticed was that he, if not asleep, would always be staring out the window next to her bed. It was beside her what he could possibly be staring at so intently, especially since the winter days were giving mostly overcast skies. Other than the sky itself, one could barely see a dark store rooftop and a slowly dying tree reaching over it. The roof was a deep burgundy color, but it was almost crushed under snow, so it was still a pretty boring sight. Mint followed his gaze for the billionth time, looking at the gliding snow that started building up on the window’s outer frame.
“I really wonder sometimes,” she said quietly, calling Ed’s attention to her. “What you look at out there.”
Ed stared at her, about to answer, but thinking deeper made him remember he couldn’t talk. He sighed, laying his head back down with a pained expression. It was hard, only having a neck to shift around, and occasionally he’d get his hopes up being able to bend his thumb, but then it would die out again. He stared right back out the window, blinking tiredly. Mint swallowed a bit, looking back at Ed’s thin and worn away body. Her dark brown eyes examined it, and then his face, trying to find any clue at all as to what he was thinking about. He was so simple, and yet so complex to her. She let her hair slump off her shoulder to hang in front of herself, leaning over a bit, to see his face.

“Maybe you’ll talk to me soon; I’ll be able to understand you better.”

Ed struggled to clear his throat, even a little, and Mint took the initiative, walking out of the room quietly. She returned moments later, holding a bowl of something. When looking at it close, it didn’t seem so pleasant to eat. In fact, it looked like an abomination of nature. It smelled wonderful though; much better than that burning radiator that warmed the room all too well. Ed slowly started tilting his head the other way, but not in time, before Mint set down the cheap bowl with a small clink, helping him along, making his muscles work. She saw him flinch when she lifted his body to sit, leaning him against the wall for leverage. She sat herself, Ed watching her pick up the bowl, trying to protest, resulting a rough cough. She held the bowl to his mouth, but he tried to move away from it, sealing his lips shut. She frowned, trying again, nearly dropping the bowl this time.
“Don’t start this,” she warned, trying again, failing again. “Damn it! You have to eat!” Ed looked away from her, frowning himself, staying hard headed with his decision.
“Listen, tough guy, you don’t eat? Then you don’t LIVE. So, whatever it is you’re here for, you won’t accomplish if you’re dead!”

Ed looked back at her, piqued.

“I know you don’t trust me…I know you don’t like what I do, and I know you don’t want to be here, but I’m in the same position. Not that I don’t trust you, but I don’t want to be here, in this situation. Hell, I’ll be honest; I don’t want to take care of you. I hate feeling like a nanny, having to remember to feed you every night, and no, bathing you is really no fun…” He flustered a bit, but it did work a slight smile to his face. “But this is what I have to do. I have to do my part so you can live, and go on doing whatever you want. Now, you have to do your part. And let me tell you, if you plan on dying, it’s not gonna happen! I’ll shove food down your damn throat!”
Ed almost managed a laugh, but ended up choking and coughing a bit.
“Sorry,” she noted for making him laugh. “But really…just try some?” she asked, holding the bowl out to him again. Ed sat for a moment and stared down at the bowl instead of her pleading eyes. This had happened before…

“C’mon, stop being such a wimp and eat it!” the colonel grumbled for the hundredth time.
“No! I don’t need it- And I’m not a wimp!!!” the younger man retorted at him, his fever-flushed cheeks showing the obviousness of illness.
“If you don’t eat this, you won’t ever get better!”
“I’m telling you I don’t need it! The cold’ll go away by itself, so just throw it out!”
“You’re absolutely impossible! You want to get better, yet you refuse help! How the hell you expect to get back on the road if you can barely even stand up???”
“I can stand perfectly fine!” Ed sat himself up defiantly, glaring at the older man.
“Oh really? Show me. Get up.”
Ed stared at him a long while, his face contorting slightly as he fought his own logic to try and come up with an answer. Finally he hit his fists on the bed and growled, pushing himself up and closer to the end of the bed, squeaking out a ‘fine!’ He let his legs dangle off the mattress, looking at the floor and then hopping off. To his surprise, he stood stable and well. He smiled a little and then wider, proudly to Roy. He then faulted and wobbled until he fell over, his arm slipping from Roy’s grip (he had tried to catch him, expecting he wouldn’t stay up for long). The colonel bent down and scooped the young blonde into his arms, feeling that little bit of struggle that always came after he picked him up. He set him down on the bed and watched him as he ranted on.
“…and you know what else I hate about you??? I HATE-“
He wasn’t able to finish his sentence; he felt willed to just shut up instantly. He pressed his lips against Roy’s warm ones, who made initial contact. Despite his warm lips, Roy’s fingers were cold when they touched Ed’s now exposed stomach, his thumb working over his bellybutton and up his strong abdomen. Thank whatever god there was that he could sit himself up, since that’s where the real action usually started. He slid his stomach, snake-like, further against Roy’s palm, staying in the same deep, passionate kiss until he was forced to take a breath. Only a second after, he plunged right into another.

Edward nodded a little and let Mint hold out the spoon to him. Yes, he felt like a worthless cripple, but if he was alive, that was really all that mattered. He noticed that Mint seemed a little more hopeful when he actually let her care for him, so he gave in, maybe for her.
The following days were all the same. Every day Ed woke up, and started exercising what he could, clenching his fists first to get his fingers to work, then rolling his wrists, and so on, until he was sitting up by himself and working the upper half of his body. Sadly his legs were still limp and unmovable. It would be just his luck that they wouldn’t end up having feeling even, until later months passed. Nevertheless, he tried his hardest to cope with what he could do and look on the bright side.
Mint, of course, supported him in every fashion, but still kept a close eye on him, knowing in the back of her mind he’d try anything, even if it hurt him, to get up and walk right out the door. Not that it was a bad thing; it was good to see he had perseverance, and did she ever want her home to herself again, but she was responsible for him. Anything that happened to him, consequentially affected her.

As night started arriving faster, Mint was striding around the house, looking for an old sweater of hers she had sworn she didn’t throw out. Ed sat propped up comfortably on the bed, as always, staring out the window, until she came noisily into the room. He moved his sight to her, seeing her very unhappy features.

“Ed, I swear I can’t find this thing anywhere….Where could I have put it?” she talked almost to herself, even though she said his name. He smiled wryly, easily amused watching her run all through the house. Maybe it was entertaining that he couldn’t talk. She swiped a quick look under his bed, then above it, suddenly catching his little smirk. Mint’s eyes narrowed and she stood up, leaning on the bed rails.
“Where is it…?”

Ed pointed to the dresser next to his bed, seeing it hanging off the corner of an open shelf. It was partially covered in dust from not being worn in so long, and the other half remained untouched and safe, rolled up inside the dresser. She beamed and ran over to it, pulling it out from it’s hiding spot and patting it off, racing out of the room. He heard her beating it against the wall (presumably) to get the final amounts of dust off. Mint pulled it over her head and on to her body, straightening her skirt and walking back into the room.

“C’mon you. We’re going out.”

Aside from the mounds of snow everywhere and occasional biting from the wind, it was a gorgeous evening, the temperatures quite possibly in the forties! It was so unusual, especially on Christmas evening and in Paris, France? Mint and Edward seemed to be enjoying it thoroughly. While on the main roads, Ed would push himself in his wheelchair with his arms; he knew he had strengthened them for a good reason! Mint was in tow, walking along next to him, but then she suddenly took an odd turn towards a hill, pushing Ed’s chair to it. Because of the snow being deeper, Ed would have some kind of a hard time pushing himself.
It took what seemed like forever to reach the top of such a small hill, no thanks to the ice patch they hit halfway up. Finally reaching the top seemed like heaven, and Mint planted the chair in it’s place, leaning on it and panting.

“God…damn…..you’re heavy!” she whined, cracking her neck while she teased strands of her hair nonchalantly.

Ed frowned a little, but looked up at the sky then, with her, and marveled at the giant blanket of stars filling the sky. Mint suspected he’d be happy over seeing something slightly more interesting than her stupid apartment window. His expression slowly dulled, until he got lost in the little lights, looking all around at them, and then saddening. It was so rare that you could see the stars so vividly in the winter, when normally the nights were heavy and still overcast by clouds. But something else seemed to bother him, something maybe Mint didn’t know about. She didn’t say anything of the subject, watching him rub his tear burnt eyes.

“It’s beautiful, huh?” Roy asked in a calm manner, his arm comfortably around Ed’s shoulders and his thumb playing with his blazing red coat.
“Yeah…it really is….”

The two sat quietly, watching the stars set themselves into a picture, painting an end to one of their most romantic evenings ever. Edward barely felt a touch of cold leaning against Roy’s body. That was possibly the only reason Ed liked that he was taller: he had more warmth to steal! Roy caught him and smirked, picking up some snow and mashing it into Ed’s cheek, making the younger man writhe and yell in protest.

“Ack! What the hell??” Ed yiped to him.
“I saw you trying to steal my body heat, you bad boy.” Roy joked.
“I wasn’t stealing!!! I was…um…borrowing! And now you don’t get it back later tonight! HA!”
“That’s not very nice…..But I know you wouldn’t do it.”
“Do what?”
“Keep my warmth.”
“Oh, and why not?”
“Because you want it tonight worse than I do.”
“Oh really?” Roy mused, his eyes looking down to Ed’s whereabouts, Ed following his gaze, and suddenly sitting tight-legged. “Aw, c’mon. It was cute!”
“Shut up!” he yelled, blushing furiously. He started scooting himself into a turn and away from Roy, who rolled his eyes, standing up and following him, catching him in a tight hug. It made Ed jump, and flush worse. But all the same, it was kind of comforting. The bastard was right this time…

“What’d you do that he thought was so cute?” Mint asked, sliding a cup of coffee over to Ed, who moved an arm out from under a heavy blanket to grasp it. He blushed, not saying anything, making Mint nudge his arm. “C’mon, tell me.”
“No! It’s really bad!” he said in a hoarse voice. It was only about an hour ago, Ed felt he regained his ability to say something.
“How old are you, two? I’m a hooker for God’s sake! It can’t be that bad.”

Incoherent yells sounded through Mint’s apartment almost all night, as she, quite literally, laughed until she couldn’t breathe and Ed fell over three times trying to chase after her.

Okay, so the second chapter is boring, more on the fluffy side. : /

Sorry about that. Hopefully the next chapter will be of a little more interest. It’ll help explain the whole Ed in Auschwitz thing, and of course, more on Mint. ^^ So yes, again sorry for the boring-ness : P

If you have any comments, they’re appreciated, as well as constructive criticism. Don’t say it sucks and that’s it, give me explanations or something to work with. Annnd….that’s it! Hope you liked ^^ *runs off to start chapter 3*


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